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JAY PARK. You were walking the streets of Hongdae here in Seoul, South Korea. You were in search of something to eat.

As you passed by the locals, you got a few stares and up and downs. You were used to it though. It's been like this since you arrived here a year ago.

Stares, picture taking, random people wanting pictures and asking can they touch your hair. All "normal" for you.

As you're walking down the street, you get a text from your best friend.

ChimChim: Hey where r u?

SunKissedMelanin: Hongdae, y?

ChimChim: Jisoo texted me hey, what do I say? HELP! 😩

SunKissedMelanin: Srsly? Say hey, duh dork. 🙄

ChimChim: With or without a smiley emoji?

SunKissedMelanin: With of course or else she's gonna think ur not into the conversation. But not the fancy smiley emoji ->😃 the regular smiley emoji
-> 🙂 or else she'll think ur too extra.

ChimChim: Ur a life saver. No wonder Hyungsik loves u. Thx noona!

SunKissedMelanin: Also don't do that stupid shit like a wink emoji. Ur not a slut.

ChimChim: But I am tho 🤧

SunKissedMelanin: Boi.....

You put your phone away after sending that text. You found yourself in front of your favorite restaurant Gen's BBQ.

Smiling, you walk inside and sit at your usual table in the back. You sit your purse down and pick up the menu.

Every time you come here you order the Japchae but tonight, you felt like trying something new.

"Good evening ma'am, welcome to Gen's BBQ. May I start you off with a drink?" Min Yoongi, your other friend asks all properly.

"Boy, we're friends. How many times do I have to tell you to drop the act." You say rolling your eyes.

"Girl shut the hell up, my boss is watching and, he's been up my ass lately. Any more mistakes and he'll fire me. Besides, your ass better leave a heavy tip." He said with a tight lipped smile. You smirk at him.

"I wonder what would your boss think if he heard how you're talking to me right now?"

"Y/n I'm warning you now, you gonna know something if you keep playing. And if he walks over here you better give me a good report, so I can get a raise. Damn." He said discreetly looking over his shoulder.

"Now what would you like to drink ma'am?" He said emphasizing the ma'am. You playfully roll your eyes.

"A strawberry lemonade pleaseee." He writes your drink order down.

"Okay. Do you need another minute to look over the menu?"

"Nah, I know what I'm gonna order. Can I get the Marinated Spicy Baby Octopus with Onion?" He writesdown your food order.

"It comes with a side dish. What would you like?" You look across the menu.

"Is steamed rice a side?"

"Yurp." He smiles.

"Then I'll have that. Thank you Suga Zaddy. Zaddy Suga. Zuga Zaddy hahahaha." He looks at you with disgust and walks away. Leaving you there to laugh your head off. In the meantime, you preoccupy yourself by texting your boyfriend Hyungsik.

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