part 1

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being impossible makes me say that IM POSSIBLE



"young lady ,master said that, you have to end being an assasin and gangster for a while, and study, we know young lady that you knew everything but according to your father and your grandfather you must study so that you can rule there buisness we cant do anything about it" butler

*sigh* " fine"

"oh, great younglady,but before i forgot your flight from korea to the philippines is tonight, tommorow is the start of your school, your things are now ready madam"

great, just great -____- philippines?? wht the hell am i supposed to do in there ?!!! -____- sht!! this is bullsht!! i cant believe it im not fighting??!!! pssh!! this is much!!

"how can i live there?!! i dont even know any people in there besides i dont have any house!!" i said in an angrily tone

" young lady , you own the condo near your university maam, your room is 408 maam, only two rooms in the 4th floor room 407 and yours"

" fine, where's my plane ticket? "

" you dont need that maam, we own the plane, you leave now "


" come with me maam, i'll lead you to the airport " i stood up and follow my butler towards the carpark of ours and drive to the airport

20minutes later....

we reach the airport and as always people are looking at me maybe they're just wondering why am i surrounded by men in black -___- well my shity father wanted to keep me safe, like im a liltle child like WTF!!! how can i be the queen of gangster if i cant handle myself-____- tsk, i dont have any choice but to follow him, we reach the plane and started to fly from korea to phil.

maybe you guys are wondering who the hell am i ? well im angel hell lim, im half korean half filipino U.S citizen , knows many laguage, love to play with daggers and kunai, love blood, hate bitch people, i hate my grandfather and father , i have twin which is a he, im richer than you think, im cold, im heartless , im smarter than you can imagine, my twin brother is the same as me, so no wonder why we are called twin -____-. back to the reality


angel hell lim POV

hays, i guess my life as the queen of gangster and assasin is going to be over, *sigh*

new girl for this country -_____- new language for this city hays

" welcome young lady to the philippines " maid 1

" i need to rest" i said Coldly to them

" yes, maam, heres your key for your car maam, that car over there is your car maam *turo sa black ferrari* " i just nod in reply , i walk straight to the car and i was shock when someone go outside of it

me 0________0

him ^________^/

" guess your, shock ey?" he said

" oh, come on!!! did you plan this shit!!" i ask him in angry tone

" yoah, sis, i didnt plan anything concerning your schooling in this country besides im already here for this past years DUH! and drop that english acscent of your it's annoying -______- , were in the philipines sistah!" twin brother, yeah he's my twin, my ugly duckling twin -___-

" tsk, yeah right, wala na akong lakas maki pag away sayo, i want to rest, renz so STAY OUT OF MY FUCKIN CAR!!"

" chill sissy, sasama ako sayo -___- were just neighboor okay, and i think you cant drive because of jetlag, so just seat back and relax " sabi ng magaling kong kapatid, hmm well tama rin naman siya, pagod na pagod na ako, kaya ayan wala na akong nagawa kundi umupo....

nangmakarating na kami,pumasok na siya sa room niya at ako rin so siya pala ang nakatira sa room 407 , hmm well mas ayos narin yan at walang mangagambala saakin, like me i like silence, pati rin siya, we both like the same things, kaya nga twin!! -_____- psh ewan ko nga, nang maka pasok na ako

-_______- <------ bago pumasok

0______0 pagkapasok

^______^ pagka recover, paano ba naman ang laki ng condo ko may stairs pa sosyal ah, para siya yung kwarto ko sa korea, lumapit ako sa may tv at may sulat akong nakita

    young lady,

we furnished your unit just like your room, all the things that you have in your room is also there in there respectfull place all your secret places is also there,

i wish you to be good girl

young lady, and before i forgot young lady, your uniforms and things are indside your closet, we already buy your stack of foods young lady and your money is still in your vault madam,your credit cards are in the desk of your bed. your schedule for tommorows class is also in your desk

truly yours


butler james

tsk, he never fails to amuse me, he's my fake father when my real father is not in my side,my twin brother also hates our father ,same reasons, HE'S OUT OF TIME!! ,butler james, he is the one who's taking care of US since we we're just a liltle...until now

after i read the letter i rush towards my room and rest i didnt bother to change, urgh!! its so lame -______- i started to close my eyes and sleep.......……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...

[[new story because of boredom , yeah basahin niyo  nalang ^______^, hi sa inyo mga nag babasa stay tuned!! may pasok na sila bukas!! ]]

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