Chapter 2

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Optimus's pov.

I couldn't take my optics off of Lightning Shadow. She have a beautiful frame and optics- wait what?! What am I thinking about? I have to keep myself in check. I thought.

Ratchet's pov.

I notice Optimus to be in deep thought. I better not interubt him. Probably thinking what is desepticons next move... or about Lightning Shadow. I have notice the hole time that he is always watching her. I think his in love but it's not my bussiness anyway.

The alarm went off and I walked to my computer. "Optimus, we have found energon mine."

"Autobots, included Lightning Shadow, roll out!" He said after I had opened up the Ground Bridge.

Lightning Shadow's pov.

"Autobots, included Lightning Shadow, roll out!" Optimus ordered and we all transformed, except Ratchet, and drove trough the Ground Bridge.

On the other side we transformed and ran our way over the big grates. We took our weapons out and offered some ideas out.

"I say that one of us lead them farther from energon and the others attack behind. That way we won't blow up the energon." I offered and Optimus thought for a moment.

"Good thinking Lightning Shadow." Optimus said and I walked out of the hiding spot. Walking towards the decepticons and picked up the energon crystal.

"Looking for something?" I asked with a grin and earning all their attention as I threw the energon up and catching it again.

"Hey give it back!" One of the miners yelled and I smikred more than before.

"Then come and get me" I yelled back and started to run away from them. Half of the miners chased me and others stayed behind.

I heard heavy pedsteps from behind and recognised them as the autobots. After a moment I didn't hear nothing so I stopped and looked back to see all of the decepticons dead.

I walked up to Optimus and he called for Ground Bridge. We gathered energon on the way and walked back to base.

Optimus's pov.

We gathered all the energon on the way back and I watched Lightning Shadow all the time. I think I'm in love with her, as humans say.

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