My sister is home

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By the end of her litt- well kinda big explanation, I noticed we both had silent tears running down our faces. I then gave in to the bond that was growing rapidly and hugged her. She froze in shock for a second before relaxing and squeezing me back. Stripe purred a bit as she felt whole again because we knew there were a few things missing after we rejected ex-mate. Eventually, let my sister go and I grabbed her hand. "Come on let me show you my friends." She nodded looking a little nervous. "What's up?" I asked gently. The sky you dummy! Shut it KitKat! Excuse  YOU but I'm not a chocolate wafer although I may look soft on the outside but I'm very hard in the inside. I think you mean it the other way round! Wha-? Hey!

"It's just that I've never really had proper friends before. I was homeschooled by mother and other wise people and never really met anyone around my age who I could consider a friend, never mind having a sister or a pack or a mate." She rambled to me and I just hushed her by giving her a reasuering hug. "Don't worry. They will love you. As for me? Well I already do." And with that, I teleported us to the yellow crest pack house. In the living room I saw Amy, Julie, Damien and brick pacing or sitting around anxiously.

"Hiya guys." I said casually. None of them even looked up and Damien lightly growled, "I told you I don't want to see you elders with your melodic voices and wise brains." He thinks we are an elder because our voice has changed slightly. "And what about pack warrior and assassin with my awesome skills and a short temper?" I laughed back. Their head shot up and they all immediately dived onto me and my goddess they are heavy. "Woah have you been stress eating while I was gone!?" I wheezed out. "Gurl you have no idea." Amy replied and we all laughed. You forgot about the new arrival standing there akwardly pretending to be interested in the floor. Ha I didn't forget about her! Yeah my Angel, you keep telling yourself that.

Eventually everyone got off so I could spare a few more bones in my body. I reached out and grabbed my sister. "So guys this is my sister her name is err-" Luckily I was cut off by my family all saying in unison, "YOU HAVE A SISTER!?" And of course the exception is Stripe who shouted YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR OWN SISTER'S NAME!? And do you know her name? Err yeah, her name is Lunar. She is destined to be the Luna of the world so a partial role as the moon goddess. She is also our personal assistant but we will still treat her as family.

"Yeah I do have a sister and her name is Lunar from the latin word lunaris meaning moon. She was the Moon Godess for the past yea- I mean thousand years." I stated proudly. "Woah so how old is she now?" Julie asked with curiosity and awe in her eyes. "Well I am actually older then her." I replied. They all looked confused. Well at least Amy and Julie did. Damien and Bricky are too stupid to notice. "But she must be at least a thousand years old and you are only 18 years old."

I was about to reply but my sister cleared her throat a bit more akwardly than before and my mouth shaped an 'o' in realisation. Yeah you were talking about her in front of HER you stupid bum! "Oh right I will let her explain later." So they all greeted her. Amy and Julie went full on hug with her while Bricky just nodded with a smile because I don't think Julie would like it if he hugged a random girl. Damien on the other hand had slipped away to goddess knows where.

Over the next few months, Lunar got closer to me, Julie and Amy until she found the bond enclosing her as well. Our group had gone from a three to a four.

We found out that Lunar is quite good at hand to hand combat, enough to protect herself but her natural mindset is peace keeping not fighting so she refused to learn any more. She also had powers like telekinesis, the elements and is part elf, part fairy, part mermaid and part unicorn. Cool right!?

Anyway, because of the bond, me Amy and Julie could sense something is wrong with my sister so we all went to talk to her.

"Hey there what's up?" I asked Lunar. She smiled and replied, "The sky." And I snorted. "That's what Stripe said to me." I smiled at the memory. Then Julie askes, "You trust us right?" She nodded, "And you can tell us anything." Amy confirmed. Lunar's brows furrowed in confusion but she nodded anyway. "So what aren't you telling us?" We asked together. Lunar seemed a little surprised but quickly recovered. "W-what are you talking about?" She stuttered and we just raised and eyebrow at her. She sighed, defeated and began.

"Well when I first came here and you were introducing me, I smelt this amazing smell. I don't know what it was but it smelt really good. It was coming from Damien." She said and we all gasped and whispered, "Mate."
"But because my scent and aura was hidden at the time, he could faintly smell me but couldn't pin point it so that's why he must have left. So again when we where explaining when you came to see me, I smelt him again and he was still walking around like a lost puppy. So ever since I have been avoiding him. I never had friends and am only just becoming more social, so how could I just jump to a mate?" And just as she said this, guess who burst in. Ohhhh things just got real.

Hiya guys hope you had an amazing Christmas holiday and new years! Good luck to 2018! This chapter was a little (Yeah right) late because of the holidays but it's here! Not much happens but I leave the future for you to predict. Hope ya enjoyed!

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