Gone (PewDiePie FanFic)

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It was dark, too dark for anyone to see. I sat and waited, watched out into the black abyss for someone to approach me. From where I stood, high up and very well concealed, only one person could pick me out. That person was my best friend, but he was also a follower, and I was the leader. It was taking him an incredibly long time to find me, but that was normal of his short attention span. I was used to waiting, and as long as he didn’t pass me without a second glance, I would be okay.

                I heard a crash, followed by the sound of high pitched, girly screams. I shook my head. Footsteps approached my hiding place, and I could now clearly see him. His blonde hair and headphones perfectly framed his face. His lantern lit up the room. He searched up and down, almost missing me. When he spotted me, he shouted my name. He picked me up in his hand, and I turned around. “Hellos Pewdie. Where have you been?” I shouted, my voice sounding very French, as usual.

                “I-I’m sorry! I was getting chased, by the bro!” Pewdie stammered.

                I laughed loudly. Pewdie shivered and filled his lamp with more oil to illuminate our path through the dimly lit house, setting me down on a nearby desk. Suddenly, he stood up and walked off, leaving me behind to search in an area where he couldn’t carry me. I stared at him as he walked off, thinking to myself in a very French-sounding way. “Look at him, he’s so… Pewdie-like.”

                A few moments later, I could hear Pewdie returning. “Stephano? Stephanooo!” he whispered into the cool air.

                “Pewdie! I’m over here!” I yelled, hoping he would find me eventually.

                He stumbled around in the darkness.  He’d used up all his oil, apparently, while venturing off into various places around us. Blindly, he searched the bookcase where I’d originally sat in this same position, turning up with nothing but a few bottles of Sanity Potion and a large jar of oil for his lantern. His shin hit the edge of the desk where I sat, sending my golden frame clattering to the ground. “Stephano! I got the k—!” he began, suddenly interrupted by the ghastly moan that was so familiar to us, yet chilling.

“Quick! Pewdie! Hide!” I whispered urgently, as Pewdie held me in front of him and ran into the next room.

As he searched frantically for a place to hide, he knocked my head on several places, but managed to hide just beside the door frame. Slowly, Pewdie peeked out, searching for some sign of the beastly figure that we knew as the Bro. Just as we slowly looked around the corner, I could clearly see someone lurking in a fog just down the long corridor. “Quick, Pewdie! Chair mode, activate!” I whisper yelled, freezing in place.

Stubborn as he was, the young adventurer refused to heed my warning, and again stuck his head out to scope out the scene. The Bro walked straight through the doorway, causing the intensely horrified Pewdie to shriek in terror. With his shrill screams, he sent me crashing to the floor. He didn’t even realize that his leader lay on the floor, just out of sight of the terrifying monstrous Bro. 

“Stephano?” the confused boy whispered as he opened his eyes, revealing that I was no longer in his tight grasp.

Pewdie gulped, searching around the room without moving from his corner. “Oh God, Stephano! I see you…But you’re kind of in a bad place.” He mumbled, spotting my glimmering gold body just feet away from the Bro, who groaned creepily as though he was being beaten.

Feeling rather weak and nauseous, young Pewdie braced himself and ran to my rescue, scooping me up in his right hand, and running to another corner, just in time. We hid in the dark, and I turned to the shivering boy. “It’s okay Pewdie. Just don’t make a noise.” I whispered, my thick French accent adding a rather stern effect to those words.

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