Episode 8: Soft

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Your POV
"Y/n! Wake up!!" yelled one of my cousins while shaking me.

"Ugggg, what do you want?!" I groaned as I looked up at him.

"Wake up! We're going to be late for school!"

"What!?!! I'm up!" I sprang up and then fell out of the bed. Then I heard laugh. I looked at them annoyed. I yelled a small annoyed moan. "Today's Saturday! You jerk!" He continued to laugh.

"Hahahaha!!!! You look sooo stupid! Hahahahaha" he said while rolling on the floor holding his stomach.

"Yoongi leave her alone" said Woozi while rolling his eyes—clear as day holding a smile back.

"Ah~ You're no fun. But that was hilarious. You'd be lying if you said it wasn't."

"You're very mean! She was sleeping and then you woke her up to 'go to school' " said Woozi getting more annoyed. "You did the same thing to me!"

"Yah~ I got you guys up for a reason! She wasn't getting up so I told her that we were late for school" Said Yoongi chilled out as if nothing happened.

"Then why did you get me up?" I said annoyed, giving him my 'resting bitch' face.

"Because we are going to the basketball court. Get dress." He said. They both left me and I got dressed I walk downstairs to where my Oppas were.

We ended up walking to the basketball court since it was a couple of blocks way. When we got there it was me and Woozi against Yoongi. After a while of playing, the score was tied, 56-56. I got the ball and shot the ball. "We will!" I said as I ran around to Woozi.

Yoongi POV
She ran around the court to Woozi. Out of no where the ball missed the hoop and bounce back. The ball bounced at her and got her at the back of the head. She fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious. "Y/n!!!" I said repeating her name. I picked her up in a bridle-style and we walked back home. I placed her on the couch. I got a rag a placed it on her head.

After one and a half hours she woke up.
"(Y/N)! You're up. Are you ok?" said Woozi in a really concerned tone.

"What? yes I'm fine! Nothing to worry about!" she said. Though I could tell that she was still in pain.

"Go to you're room and get more rest," I told her, she looked shock about what she had just heard.

"But I'm fine Oppa!" she insisted.

"Fine, but you stay where I can see you. Got it."

"Thank you Oppa! I'll stay right here on the couch."

She's too soft she won't survive with Jungkook. I have to stop him from hurting her. She's my responsibility now, I have to take care of her.

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