It Starts Again

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I opened my eyes.

I looked around my bedroom the black, green and purple walls, I sat up suddenly and looked around the room my eyes searching for the stranger. When I didn't see him, I sighed and lay back, it was Saturday, the last one before the last week of finals, meaning there wasn't any school. I glanced over at the clock. 7:30. I groaned, knowing I wouldn't fall asleep again. I stood up, padding to the bathroom turning on the hot the hot tap and it started filling the bathtub, I poured in some vanilla scented bubble bath.

I went back to my room and slipped off my pajamas and quickly pulled on my silk robe. Back in the bathroom I pulled up my pitch black hair in a loose and messy bun. I slipped out of my gown and into the bath, the bubbles crackling as they popped. The water relaxed my tense muscles and soothed my nerves.

That dream really had shaken me up pretty badly, I had had it before but it never the whispers never increased to that intensity nor could I make out the words they said, but the one new thing was the stranger the blue-eyed man, the soothed my crazed, pain-filled cries.

My fingers started becoming soft and pruned so I pulled the plug from the bath and stepped out I grabbed a fluffy black towel. I wrapped it around me drying myself. A creak came from my room, my head snapped up, I stood still listening. I knew nobody was home, my dad rarely was. The only people that came here were my friends and the staff, but they only came in at 8:30 and i was sure none of my friends were here.

I listened for a few more seconds; I continued drying myself off and quickly dressed myself in my robe again. I went to my closet and picked out a royal purple sundress, that made my eyes look even more purple, and some white strap sandals. I quickly dressed and threw my robe on a hook fastened to the bathroom door

I walked down two sets of steps into the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator and pulled out eggs, bacon and butter and pulled out a loaf of bread from the cupboard. Also a chocolate chocolate chip muffin!

I started humming a song and shaking my hips to the rhythm; there was a thud coming from upstairs, in the area of my bedroom.

I grabbed a chef's knife (the really big, thick one) and sneaked up the stairs.

"I feel like a spy," I whispered to myself, chuckling softly.

When I arrived at my purple bedroom door, I turned the handle and slowly pushed it open.

"Ahh!" I jumped, looking and screaming like a mad woman, into my room looking around to find nothing out of place.

My pajamas were still thrown over the small couch at the foot of my bed, my gown still hanging on the hook of my bathroom door. I went into the bathroom to check up on everything.

On the mirror written, all in capital letters, in something that was most definitely not red lipstick was:




The scream I let lose was something that could probably have woken the neighbors had the space between one house and another not have been so big.

"Miss Valentine! Miss Valentine! Why are you screaming?" De'Shawn, one of my personal security guards came running into the bathroom; he saw the message and suddenly I was embraced in his warm arms. I twisted and buried my face in his shoulder, trying to subside the dry sobs that were taking over my body.

"Shh, it's okay. I'm here, Miriska, I'm here."

"I'm scared De'Shawn. What happens if they actually go through on their word this time?" my voice was muffled; my face was still pressed into his shoulder.

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