Chapter 15

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A/n I'm so happy for the sequel like yassss and the wallpaper is fire .

Author p.o.v

Tenten changed into different ninja wear for the can fight in. In a few hours they will fight against tenori and his puppets queen informed their more puppets then you think . Her hair now only in one bun showing she ain't playing no games . She clenched her fist as she looked at herself in the mirror .

She slipped in her poisoned needles in her hair being careful

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She slipped in her poisoned needles in her hair being careful . her scrolls were no where to be seen . She slide on her brown boots over her long brown socks . She gave a pep talk saying that she'll bring back Tenji even if she doesnt arrive back too.

She disappeared from the mirror into smoke appearing right by the group as Queen Looked sad . " Akatsuki watch the kids and if anything happen you'll deal with The ladies in a bad way . " Queen offered . everyone thought she'll say herself except naruto he knows all the women of kanoha are strong .

" You adults are fighting against many puppets , what are we gonna do about the teenagers and past kids. " Kakashi sigh . " The more the merrier . " Tenten smirked . Teen Neji was flabbergasted while Past neji had a slight blush .

She turned and saw the Past neji so she bent down slightly . " Oi , you okay ? " she asked putting a hand on cheek checking his temperature . He pushed her hand off but not in a harsh way . " I'm fine . " he said looking away glaring .

Past Neji p.o.v *surprised i know*


looked away and glared . First , Where am I in the future ? No one told me anything and I'm getting pissed . Second , Why and how can I leave Tenten like that . Yes , me and Tenten are close so why was she so happy to see me so much .

Third, Now we're looking for Tenten daughter . And last where its the father, I'll kick his ass when I find him .

Teen neji p.o.v

Tenten was the most beautiful women I ever saw . Her Outfit fit her curves perfectly but I'm not about the shape its her personality . Everyone Talked to themselves and their wives or husbands and their kids but Tenten child was quiet and shy . Tenten talked to both of us nejis for a little but she was serious . and her smile was always sad . Hinata , naruto , my niece and nephew did too .

All I know is that I'm confused . I saw tenji and her features . I know I'm not the only one who noticed that she has my eye shape , and her hair is exactly like mines but braided . And That her eyes looks like byakugan but had a light shade of brown that lay over it .

I just know that she might be mines . But I know one thing . I'm Not close to meeting her . its a bad feeling that I don't like at all . I smaller out my trance as I see Tenten bend over to touch my younger self cheek .

I turned to see my time Tenten looking at me and blushing . I slowly held her hand and hide it behind my back . we're secretly in a relationship and I love her so much . " we got the plan ready but we'll go over it .

" if I beat sasori the puppet than I can beat other puppets . " my time sakura growled out clenching her fist . when everyone was in their deep conversations I kissed Tenten hand and let it loose . " wanna go somewhere else . " I stated as she nodded .

We quietly snuck away to an empty Alley . " I'm wondering where future neji is. " Tenten looked down . " Tenten tell me something . " I said straightforwardly as I asked the Question Her eyes widen .


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