A Leg. A Kiss

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@Melody_Torchwick asked AND dared: "hey bill—

Bill: hey

, do you know who mettaton is? If so, what do you think of him?"

Bill: I'm not sure what person you're talking about cause I have two people in mind and I don't know how their name are spelled and not sure which is which.

Bill: there's this guy in this show that sounds so fake called Supernatural and I think there's an angel with that name or spelling different.

Bill: then there's this guy of a video game called undertale.

Bill: ..... but either way I'll give you my opinion on both!

Bill: okay so if it's the guy from Supernatural, he looks okay I guess. Him being an angel and me.. a some kind of demon hahahahahahahahaha can't say much right?

Bill: for the dude in Undertale.... those legs. That's all

Bill: oh wait there was a dare

" also I dare you to kiss dipper"

Bill: oh dippeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's a lot of r's

Dipper: what bitch.

Bill: that's a mood. KISS ME!

Dipper: nah

Bill: okay

Mabel: did the dare say for YOU to kiss dipper?

Bill: oh shit fam you right you right.

Dipper: bill fuck off i swear I'll attack

Bill: with what muscle

Dipper: >:O

Bill: >:3

Mabel: how did you say that out loud

Bill: dipper ima still kiss you

Dipper: no

Bill: well okay

Bill: cause you know

Bill: if 👏they 👏say 👏no 👏there 👏is 👏no 👏consent 👏

Mabel: wait how did you say those things out loud—

Bill: Remember! Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram but gold byyyyyeeee

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