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"I've been down and lost for days, glad I found you on the way"

Seven years earlier


I lean against my black Maserati as I wait outside of the large school. It looks very large, and fancy. It's one of those private schools that houses probably around six different grades. A few older kids storm out of the school as soon as the annoying, high pitched bell rings in my ears. They immediately pull out cigarettes, even a joint in one of their hands. I smirk, knowing it is my shit. They light the blunt, and the brown backwoods ignites into an orange flame as the boy holds a red lighter at the end. I make my way over to them, a cocky smirk still plastered on my face.

"Hey, guys," I hum, and at the sight of me, the boy blows out the blunt and quickly hides it behind his back.

"Uh, hey," he clears his throat.

"I'm not going to do nothin', bro." I speak their language and motion for him to pull the blunt back out. I take it from his hands, placing it in my lips and lighting it skillfully, blowing out of my mouth to die down the flame. I take one, long pull before giving it back.

The boy laughs, "You look like someone I know." He takes his own pull, blowing the sweet smelling smoke into the air.

"I bet you do know me." I pull the bag of white powder and one bag of a green lump from the other.

The boys' eyebrows raise, "No fuckin' way, you're Bieber!" I smirk at his reaction as he grabs the two bags out of my hand and replaces it with a wad of cash. "I never thought I'd meet you in person."

"I was in the area." I don't typically make deliveries, but since I am at the school for another reason, I might as well kill two birds with one stone. 

"That's a nice chain." The boy points at my expensive golden chain dangling over my long-sleeved black and white striped shirt.  The cool metal contrasts with my burning flesh as the summer sun beats down upon me.

"Thanks, man," I send him a nod before glancing back at the school, making sure I don't miss Allison.  "how many grades are in this school?"

"It's grade six to twelve." He blows out another puff of smoke.  I narrow my eyes, isn't it a bit inappropriate to have grade sixes socializing with grade twelves?  I hope Allison doesn't wind up in any awful situations - not that I'll let her. 

I finally spot Allison's wavy blonde hair as she walks out of the school with two friends.  They were all wearing checkered skirts and a navy blue shirt. I chuckle at the uniform, how cute.  I raise up a hand, to catch her attention, which she immediately notices and squeals in delight. "J!" She says goodbye to her friends and rushes into my arms.

"Hey, sweetheart," I coo, patting her head. 

I look up at the boy, who's eyes are wide.  "You-you have a daughter?"

I laugh at his stupidity, "No, I'm just babysitting."  He visibly relaxes and begins laughing with me.  I bid him a farewell, taking Allison's petite hand in mine and leading her back towards my car.

"My dad didn't say you were picking me up." Allison beams as I click her seatbelt for her.

"I hope it was a good surprise." I tease and she nods rapidly.  I chuckle and go over to my side of the car, sliding into the seat.  "I was thinking about taking you to-"

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