The End

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Hi all, 

So, just before Christmas, my husband lost his job. There were unique circumstances that I would rather not get into but nevertheless, he lost the job he'd held for five years. Then he found a new job two weeks later but it doesn't pay as much. 

I put up my account on Fiverr not long after he'd lost his job. I'm hiring myself out as a ghostwriter to try and bring in a little extra money. I also have the release of my book coming up March 2, 2018. 

With all of this going on and raising two kids, it's hard to find time to write lemons, especially when I have to be in the right mood to give you all the quality I want to give you. At this time, I think it's best if I simply set my lemons aside. 

I will still write and post other stories on here, but it will be a slower update process. I really hate to disappoint you all, but this means that I won't be writing any more requests. I'm sorry, I know you all were so excited about your requests and the others coming up. 

I am glad you have enjoyed my lemons up to this point and I hope you aren't too upset. I appreciate you guys so much. 

I hope you all have a happy new year in 2018. 

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