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Jack's POV

"Ow!" Something hit my head.. It's a rock that has a card on it. I red the card, it said,

'Jack, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Come down, I am near the beach, Please come. I need to tell you something. I will wait for you. -M'

I sighed, nothing will be gone if I'll give it a try. I smiled and climbed down the tree, I turned around and started to walked towards the beach and I looked down, I felt like I stepped on some things.. It's some small rocks and there are connected to more rocks, I followed them. I saw some card and red it,

'Hi, please continue to follow the rocks. This time, trust me. -M'

I continue to followed the rocks and red the cards, I didn't even bother to looked where I was heading. On the third card it said,

'Smile, your smile can make anyone's day. -M'

So I smiled.. here's the fourth card,

'Hi, Are you tired picking and reading cards? Don't worry, just a little more steps.'

This card made me chuckled. And now, here's the fifth card,

'Do you already see where you are heading? Surprise.'

So I looked in front. The first thing I saw was Mage, her back is facing me, so I called her name. She turned around, stood up and walked towards me. I am surprised right now but I thought that she's not happy in this place anymore?

"Sorry.." We said together.

I felt some type of déjà vu. I looked at her and smiled then she also looked at me and smiled.

"I'm the one who is supposed to be saying sorry." She said.

"Do you forgive me? I promise to explain everything to you later." She added and I nodded.

"C'mon let's eat." She said.

"Did you cooked all of this?" I asked her pointing at the foods. Instead of answering, she just smiled at me and I knew already that she just bought this foods.

"It's fine. Btw, I was really surprised. Good thing, nobody noticed you at the store." I said while chuckling and she chuckled.


Mage's POV

"It's fine. By the way, I was really surprised. And good thing, nobody noticed you at the store." He said while chuckling and I chuckled.

"Thank you. Some people noticed me but I just chose to ignore them." I said and he just shrugged.

We ate and ate, time went by, it is already 12 in the afternoon and foods are nearly empty. This is the perfect time to give him my gift. I am about to stand up when he said my name, I looked at him and asked what..

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Just heading to my car to get something. Don't worry, I will just do it quickly, I know that you'll miss me." I said teasingly.

"Hahaha, good one. Okay, I'll just wait for you here. I'm very full, I can't even stand up." He said while laughing and then I nodded.

I headed to my car and got the paper bag then I removed the other shirt and put it over my shirt.

I quickly went back to Jake and I handed him the paper bag.

"Change costume? Btw, that's a good shirt." He said while pointing at my shirt and I smiled.

"Don't mind me, just open my gift." I said excitedly and he chuckled.

"Wait, let me ask you something. Why are you doing is?" He asked.

"Late birthday gift and thank you gift." I said while shrugging.

"Oh, okay. Thank you." He said while opening my gift.

"Nice.. a couple shirt?" He asked while winking at me. I hit him in the back of his head and he chuckled.

"Friends shirt idiot." I said.

"Ouch, I am friend zoned." He said while acting hurt and I rolled my eyes earning a chuckle from him.

"Just wear it already." I ordered.

So he removed his shirt, damn, I looked away and drank water.

"You can look now. I know that you can't handle my hotness." He said while patting the top of my head.

We just walked beside the beach and talked. Walked and talked.

"Jack, I'm sorry about the incident earlier. I didn't mean to do that. I just did that cause I don't have enough time preparing all these stuffs. I'm not good at making surprises." I explained.

"Now I know, but next time, don't need to do that hun." He said and I just smiled then he smiled too.

I looked at my watch, it's just 4 in the afternoon. What to do?

"What to do?" I asked him.

He shrugged and pushed me into the water while laughing loudly.

"Damn you Jack! I am so gonna get you." I shouted while standing up and walking towards him.

He ran fast but I still caught him, we both fell into the water and laugh out our a*se* off. He scoop me bridal style and then he cast me. I ran towards him and pushed him.. We stayed like this for hours until we got tired. He laid on the sand while I cleaned my own mess. I threw the things that are not used and the unfinished foods. He insisted to help but I declined. After I finished, I also laid on the sand beside him. The sun is already gone and the moon is already shining bright. Nice view..

"Did you have fun?" He asked.

"Yes, and I got very tired too." I said while chuckling.

"Are you cold already?" He asked.

"No, I'm sleepy." I said.. my eyes are already feeling heavy.

"Go ahead and sleep. By the way thank you." He said, I nodded then I closed my eyes to sleep.