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Kris is the leader of EXO-M. He is also the main rapper of the group. He is a father-figure to all of the members of EXO, and they are obedient and attentive when he speaks. He cooks for the members of EXO-M, buys them medicine when they’re sick, and lets them borrow his things. He is considered the “laziest” member of EXO because he likes to sleep 8 hours a day and he is always the last one to wake up. He is considered the “good guy” of EXO.

Stage Name: Kris
Real Name: Li Jiaheng, Wu Yi Fan, Kevin Li, Kevin Wu
Nickname: Ben Ben, Dduizhang, Cowboy, Male God, Krisus, Captain Kris, Emperor Wu, Dragon Wu, Angry Bird, Krisala
Position: Leader of EXO-M, Main rapper, sub-vocalist
Born: November 6th, 1990
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Personality: Cool, serious, lazy, warm-hearted, observant, child-like at times, father-figure to the other members, personality of a leader.
Family: N/A
Height: 187cm or 6 feet 1 inches
Weight: 73kg or 161lbs
Blood Type: O
Education: N/A
Super Power (Badge): Flight (Dragon)
Habit: Sleep talks in 4 different languages (Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English)

Favorite Foods: Likes to eat all types of food, especially home cooked meals from his mother
Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: Vanilla and especially Green Tea.
Favorite Hobbies: Reading, dancing, singing, writing lyrics, exercising, watching movies, sleeping, playing African drums, “acting cool”, playing basketball, performing magic tricks and many more.
Favorite Music: Rap, hip-hop, dance, dance-pop, R&B
Favorite Dramas: tvN’s I Need Romance, and KBS’s IRIS
Favorite Super Hero: Superman
Favorite place to go: Meat tripe restaurant near SM Entertainment
Favorite Fashion Style: Casual, European, American, Formal wear
Favorite Variety Shows: Shows with challenging games or sports.
Favorite Actors: Tony Leung Chiu and Takeshi Kaneshiro

Role Models: TVXQ’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Siwon.
Celebrities they’re close with: Super Junior’s Henry.

Fun Facts:
His citizenship is in Canada.
He was cast into SM Entertainment through the SM Global Audition held in Vancouver, Canada in 2007.
He trained from 2007-2012 before officially debuting as an EXO member on February 17th, 2012.
He can fluently speak 4 languages: Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.
He likes tomatoes and peaches.
He drinks coca-cola every single day (he loves it).
His ideal type is a girl who is kind, is good at cooking, filial, likes to take care of others, and looks like an angel/fairy. He’s a firm believer in destiny (soulmates meeting).
He likes to break dance.
He shares a room with Xiumin and Luhan in Korea, and rooms with Chen in China.
He is the laziest member in EXO-M.
He takes the longest to get ready, according to Tao.
In his defense, he takes so long to get ready because he’s always the last to wake up.
He is called the King of Fashion in EXO-M. The members ask him for fashion advice.
EXO-M says that he is the most articulate member in the group, and that someday he can be a good host.
During his first year as a trainee, he was very home-sick. He would cry all the time when calling his family back home. Sometimes he would avoid their calls because he felt that he would miss them even more and end up quitting on his dreams.
The members of EXO-M say that the more mature girls prefer Kris to them.
Kris cooks for his fellow members, buys them medicine when they’re sick, and would take care of them like a good father would.
Kris was originally supposed to be in EXO-K, but because of SM Entertainment’s big stake in the Chinese market, they felt that it would be better to place him as the leader of EXO-M.
Kris was worried about being the leader of EXO-M. He was unsure whether he’d be a good leader.
Kris is very close with EXO-M’s Lay because they had known each other for 4 years and Lay was the first Chinese person he had met when he joined SM Entertainment.
He applies face products for 15-30 minutes before going to sleep.
While Lay is on the computer, Kris would rub face produccts on him for about 15-30 minutes.
Kris takes a long time to style his hair in the morning. When Tao asks him to hurry, Kris takes another 5-10 minutes.
Despite caring so much about his appearance and face products, Kris does not know how to apply his own makeup.
Kris sleeps for 8 hours a day because beauty sleep is important.
He also drinks a lot of water because it’s good for his skin.
He likes dark recording rooms.
Kris and Lay are a dynamic duo when it comes to making music. Kris likes to write the lyrics while Lay likes to compose the songs.
Kris is afraid of Manager Kyun. His manager is most strict on him because he is the leader.
At airports, Kris is always seen carrying a black bag. The black bag was the last birthday present given to him by his father and it holds sentimental value to him. He has owned the bag for 5 years.
People say that Kris looks cold and dangerous. The EXO members say that when you really know him, he is very warm-hearted and caring. They say that many people think he’s dangerous because he’s “too handsome”.
Kris is good at cooking crab roe fried egg, enoki mushroom and sausage fried eggs, and black bean noodles mixed with raw eggs.
He enjoys games that are exciting and nerve-wrecking.
Luhan taught Kris how to solve a Rubik’s cube, but he forgot.
He would let the members of EXO-M take anything of his, except a book that he is reading or his laptop (he needs his laptop to play games and watch his dramas/movies).
He reads all of his fan letters, but he has to read them slowly because he is still working on his Korean.
He feels best after he washes his face and brushes his teeth.
He believes that a man who works hard is cool.
His iPhone wallpaper is a picture of himself.
He knows the habits of all his fellow EXO members.
He is the member that everyone else goes to when they need to talk about this issues.
Kris’s mother recorded a video of her cheering for his debut. When he watched it, he cried uncontrollably.
In the future, Kris would like to try out singing.
Kris’s nickname, Krisala, was given to him because like a Koala, he sleeps a lot.
He has a alpaca plushie named Ace. A fan gave it to him, and he has developed a strange attachment to it. He calls it the 13th member of EXO.
He once took Ace away from his fellow EXO-M members because they “were teaching him bad words”.
He has a Borneo Scorpion tattoo on his upper left arm.
He likes reading books that are about self-improvement.
He’s very social and can talk to almost anyone.
The trainees and the members of EXO think of him as a big brother.
He never had plastic surgery. To prove that he didn’t, he uploaded a picture from his childhood on his Weibo.
Fans say he looks much better in person than on camera.
While he may look tough, he is actually innocent, obedient, and naïve

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