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Leahanna Rose was sitting with her legs in a rather odd position. It was almost like she was meditating, but she wasn't. She had a book in her hand and her glasses falling down her nose.

"Leahanna, there's a letter down here for you!" Leah set her book on the floor and quietly walked down the stairs.

"D'you have any idea of what it is?" Her mother nodded and handed her the letter.

"Unfortunately yes." Leahanna was afraid of breaking the seal, so she peeled it off very carefully.

"Mum, what's Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" Her mother took in a deep breath and immediately went to the landline.

"Yes, Starlett. It's that school you went to. Leahanna got the letter." Only seconds letter, a very loud swoosh and pop noise came from the kitchen.

"Leahanna, where are you?" Leah was excited that her estranged aunt Starlett was here.

"Starlett! What're you doing here?" The woman sat Leah down on the couch.

"Leahanna, you're a witch." Leah was nearly speechless. She thought all of that was fantasy, but oh was she wrong.

"I'm a what?"

The next day, Leah and Starlett were walking through a London street.

"Starlett, where are we going?" Her aunt grinned.

"You're about to find out." Leahanna didn't ask anymore questions and decided to follow her aunt into a little pub.

The two went to the back and Starlett took out her wand. She tapped the wall a few times and Leah just watched as the wall seemed to move.

"What is this place?" Starlett linked arm in arm with Leah and walked forward.

"Diagon Alley."

Leah had everything except her books. They had gotten her wand first and then her owl. Everything else was in an extendable bag that her aunt carried, but the two needed to stop at Flourish and Blotts.

"Now, we have all of your first year books, but I would like to get you ahead of the curve. Is that alright with you, dear?" Leah nodded.

"Alright so let's get up until grade four of the Standard Book of Spells. Let's already grab Advanced Potion Making and a few other books on potions." Leah was able to tell that her aunt was more interested in the potions books than anything else.

"Starlett, what is it about potion making that draws you to the hobby?" Starlett sighed.

"Your mother told you that I work for a juice company. The truth is that I am a potioneer. I make potions and sell them to people in a wizarding town. I was hoping that I could steer you in a similar direction, but if not that's fine. Do you want to learn more in that direction, Leahanna?" Leah knew how much her aunt loved the subject. She knew it could possibly be useful.

"Yes. I do want to learn everything about potion making."

Leah had no idea what she had just done, and how much it would affect her life.

Leah stood in line patiently as the sorting was happening. She saw two houses that she would prefer to be in. Either the one with an eagle crest, or the one with a lion. She knew these were Gryffindor and Ravenclaw front the song, and she felt that they described her best.

"Rose, Leahanna!" Leah realized that the woman had pronounced her name as if it had Hannah in it. As Leah walked up, she told the woman loud and clear the correct pronunciation.

"Leahanna. Like Ana not Hannah." She sat on the chair without regard for anything she had just said. Multiple people gaped at her, including professors and fellow first year students.

"You're very brave, Ramalio. For what you just did." Leah seemed to be shocked that the hat was talking to her.

"Ramalio is my middle name. Please call me by my first or last." The hat thought she couldn't get any sassier.

"Well you're very smart, but have tons of nerve. I know exactly what I'm doing with you." Leah was confused, but then the hat screamed at the top of his lungs.

"GRYFFINDOR!" Leah took the hat off and set it down before the woman could get to it. The hat scoffed as she walked away and sat next to the three newly sorted girls.

One was light skinned and had black hair that stopped at her shoulders. Leah could tell that she was the sassy type.

Another was dark skinned and soft eyed. She had a very athletic build and she seemed to be afraid of what was to come.

The other girl had darkish skin, like she was Latin. All Leah could tell was that she had no idea what was happening and didn't know what to do.

"Can I sit here?" The three nodded in unison.

"Thank you. I'm Leahanna, but you can call me Leah."

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