Chapter 5: Going Back To The Past

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Authors Note: Hey guys, I just want to explain in case anyone was confused. The first two chapters of the story happened during day one. The third chapter began on day two. And on Chapter 4 it began after 3 days onto the 6th day. Sun was taking care of Li for three days. This chapter starts on the 5th day. So all in all, this story currently covers 7 days (counting the three days where Sun was taking care of Li). Hope this helped anyone who was confused. Those of you who still are can ask me again and I'll try to explain in simpler terms. ^^ Also, If you catch any grammatical or wording mistake please tell me. I dislike it when I re-read my own story and I find a bunch mistakes after proofreading it for an hour lol. Anyway, Please enjoy the story. ^^

The dust in the room glittered as rays of sunlight filtered through the circular window and danced as a light breeze swept across the room. The otherwise dark room was filled with a hazy light and the vibrant colors of the room became dull, creating an illusion of a hazy dream. Outside, the light creaking of the branches could be heard and the noise woke up Li from his sleep. Li shuffled onto his back as his eyes opened weakly, his vision fuzzy and his head hurt like a son of a bitch. Blinking a couple times he squinted at the ceiling and touched his head with his hand.

Confusion soon entered Li's throbbing head. Why in the world was his head throbbing? And why was he in a room he didn't recognize? As he stared at the ceiling for a little while longer memories slowly came back to him, the screams, the drinking, and...the tears. Li slowly sat up and groaned lightly as he continued to hold his forehead with his hand.

That's right, Sun had broken down the night before and he had carried Sun to his room where he had then passed out. Taking his hand off his head Li gazed around the room. When he had first arrived here the only rule Sun had given was to not enter his room. Now that Li broke the rule, he wasn't sure what was going to happen. Hell, he should be kicked out for all he did.

Shaking his head, Li sighed heavily. Well, he would find out once Sun woke up so there was no use worrying so much about it right now. He continued to gaze around the room and soon became very...curious. Unlike the room Sun had given him, this one was smaller in comparison and the colors in the room where just as vibrant. However, amongst the vivid colors stood little trinkets, some broken and some aged beyond recognition, against the walls on little shelves.

Some were children's toys and some were as strange as pieces of metal with something embedded in them. Li became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them. The shelves on the walls were practically piled high with them. As Li continued to look around the room Sun slowly opened his eyes sleepily. Hazy light entered Sun's eyesight and he grimaced. Even light that dull hurt his eyes.

Groaning slightly, he threw his arm over his eyes and rolled onto his right side. His head ached, his eyes burned, and the light coming through his window really wasn't helping any. Heck, why did his head even hurt in the first place? Memories soon came back to him and internally, he sighed. Not only had he broke down but he had also spilled some of the beans.

He doubted that anything could be worse than that. Slowly, he turned onto his left and Li entered his vision. Sun internally groaned. He really needed to stop jinxing himself. Not only would he have to explain his outburst but also explain his creepily cluttered room with things that weren't his.

Oh, yippee! Such joy! Really, this wasn't something he looked forward to in the morning. Then again, there wasn't much he could do. But after the outburst last night Sun didn't feel a lick of care. If Li wanted to be freaked out then so be it. He'd had enough of caring about others for one day. Sun stared up at Li, too hungover to even get up.

Li's eyes traveled over the little trinkets until he heard the slight shifting of sheets beside him. His eyes flickered down to his right only to clash with Sun's violet eyes. He was slightly surprised. After all the drinking last night he expected Sun to sleep a bit more. Not only that, he hadn't even heard the man wake up. However, taking in the haze covering Sun's eyes he figured out that he woke up just a few minutes ago.

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