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I moved my hips to the old blues as I made my way around the dinner getting people's order. I didn't really enjoy my job, my boss was a jerk, but I needed the money so I managed.

"Kova cut that out, you have some more customers" my boss Kurt shouted.

I heard the familar ding of the bell that stood above the door telling us we have new customers. It was annoying at first, but after being here so long you tend to zone it out.

I looked over seeing a group of young guys come in. They were all dressed in black leather with their hair all slicked back. Except for one, he caught my eye for sure. He was much more different than the other guys. He had long messy dark hair with a few curls. he had headphones in, like he was drowning everyone out.

They all walked in and found a booth plopping down in it. They were all messing around being normal guys except for the odd one. He was quiet and listening to his music. The guy next to him shared a couple of similarities with him. Brother maybe?

I made my way slowly over to them and all of their heads snapped towards me. Except for his. He kept his eyes staring out the window as if he didn't want to be here.

"Can I start you guys off with something to drink?" I said softly adding a small smile.

"Yes, I'll take a coke" the one sitting beside mystery boy. The closer I got the more similar they appeared.

"We both will have the same" the two guys sitting on the other side of the booth says. I nodded as I wrote it down and looked at him.

"And what about you" I asked but his eyes never moved.

His brother nudged him and his eyes finally looked up meeting mine as he pulled out one of his ear bunds. They were a beautiful Hazel color and I felt drawn to them.

"Ill take a water" his deep raspy voice says as he plugs his ear bud back in and stares off out the window. I gave them all a smile as I walked away to get there drinks.

I heard the bell ding again and I groaned as I looked up and they were all gone.

I didn't get the chance to catch his name.

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