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The day Laura's been dreading is finally here. She gazes in the mirror at herself, allowing a few tears fall from her eyes. It's early May and sunny outside. At least it's not raining and cloudy, it would help the day go a little smoother for her.

A black dress sits on her small frame with her hair done in a tight bun. She slips into her black heels, and Gerard walks into her room. She still hasn't asked him to move into her room, and he knows she still needs a little more time.

"You look beautiful, Laura," he whispers gently.

"Gerard, I can't do this," she says, sobbing.

"Yes you can," he says, kissing the top of her head.

He takes her hand, and she follows him out to the limo.

As she stares out the window, she begins to think of all the memories she had with her mom.

There's a gold frame that sits by the window. And my heart breaks, a little more each time I try, to picture the memory inside...

"Mamá," Laura says happily. Paqui smiles at her five year old daughter.

"Sí, mija?"

Laura points to the picture frame on the kitchen table.

"I wanna marry a man just like papa! I wanna marry someone who loves me like papa loves you!" she exclaims, hugging her mother.

The family had a photo done and everyone was dressed in blues and whites. It looked very pretty, and it was Laura's favorite photo.

"You will, Laura. Papa and I won't let anyone marry you who doesn't love you," her mother whispers softly.

As Laura thinks about the photo that now sits on her kitchen table, she smiles slightly. It was the first picture they had ever taken together as a family, and was for sure something Laura would never forget.

There's a notebook. It's too hard to read it, but if you look, you'd see how you look through my eyes...

10 year old Laura glances at her mother's bedside table.

"Mamá, what's in this drawer?" she asks. Her mother stops putting her earrings in, and turns to smile at her youngest.

"It's my journal. I write about each and every one of you," she answers.

"And what do you write about me?" Laura asks.

"I write how you're my little ball of sunshine and how happy you always are," her mother replies, making the tiny girl grin.

"Will you write about me forever?" Laura asks.

"I will write about you until the day I die," her mother swears.

Laura sighs. She hasn't read or known what the book talks about since that day. The book is kept in her bedside table now, but she hasn't had the courage to open and read it.

"Gerard, when we get back home, will you remind me to look in my bedside table?" she asks, staring at him with tears in her eyes. He takes her hand carefully.

"Of course," he says, and Laura becomes grateful that he doesn't ask about it further.

And now one more chapter's gone by and I know, it's time to move on, even though I'm not ready. I've got to be strong and trust where you're heading. And even though it's not easy, right now the right kind of love is a love that lets go...

"Oh, Laura," Paqui says, "I'm going to miss you so much."

"Madre, I'm going to miss you as well, but I'll be back soon! I'll only be 5 hours away," Laura says, hugging her tightly.

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