Chapter 024: The Soldiers

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The next few hours were chaos for Brynn, she couldn't focus on anything. They wheeled Will into the lab, while he screamed and cried. Brynn just silently walked behind everyone, tears still rolling down her face. They took him into a room and started examining him.

"Vitals?" A nurse asked.

"Heart rate 220, Temperature is 106." Another Nurse responded. "Will, where does it hurt?"

"All over!" He screamed.

"She says he feels like he's burning, check for burns." Dr. Owens demanded. A Nurse cut Will's shirt off but there was nothing there.

"I don't see anything, Where does it hurt the most, Will?" The Nurse asked.

"Everywhere!" He screamed. Brynn was the first to leave the room, she couldn't watch her best friend die anymore. She sat down in the hall and closed her eyes. She appeared in the Upside Down, where she saw men in big white suits burning the vines.

"Brynn!" A voice yelled, causing her to tap out.

"Are you okay?! Your nose is bleeding." Mike said. Brynn stood up and looked at him.

"No I'm not okay! My best friend Is dying in there and I can't do anything to help him!"

"I know how you feel, he's my best friend too." Mike said. Brynn looked down, more tears slipping out of her eyes. Mike took a step forward and hugged her, allowing her to cry on his shoulder.

"He'll be okay." He said, looking her in the eye. "He's stronger than that... thing."

"But what if he isn't?" She asked. Mike put his hands on her shoulders.

"He is. I know he is, you know he is."

"Kids?" A gentle voice said. They turned to see Joyce, just as torn up as Brynn, probably more.

"Yes?" Brynn asked.

"Do you want Bob to drive you home? You can stay with Jona-"

"No." Brynn and Mike said in unison.

"I am not leaving until Will can leave with me." Brynn stated.

"Me either." Mike added. Joyce gestured for them to follow her into the room. The screaming had subsided, leaving the hall in silence. Brynn and Mike went in to see Will asleep on the bed.

"They had to sedate him." Joyce said. "So he's not in any pain."

Mike sat in a chair near the bed, and so did Brynn. A minute later Brynn scooted her chair up to the bed and grabbed Will's hand. She closed her eyes and concentrated, then ended up in the tunnels , but she couldn't move. She was zooming through them, like the shadow monster was looking for something. She tapped out and wiped her bloody nose on her shirt sleeve. She laid her head down on Will's bed, still holding his hand, and fell asleep.

The next morning...

Brynn heard muffled voices, signaling that she was starting to wake up. She sat up and looked at Bob and Joyce.

"Good morning Brynn." Joyce whispered. Brynn nodded at her, but then felt Will's hand slip out of hers.

"Mom?" He asked, causing Brynn to turn around and look at him. Bob went out in the hall to get a doctor.

"Hey." Joyce said, coming over to Will. "Sweetie, how you feeling? You okay?"

"Okay, They're on their way." Bob said, accompanying Joyce beside Will's bed.

"Hey." He said cheerfully, looking down to Will.

"Who is that?" Will asked.

"What?" Joyce asked.

"It's me, Big guy. It's Bob." Bob stammered.

"Are you a... Doctor?" Will asked.

"No. No it's just me. Just... Just Bob." Bob repeated. Brynn looked up at Joyce and Joyce glanced at her, then they both looked back at Will. They called the Doctor into the room and he started Checking Will.

"Do you know your name?" Dr. Owens asked.


"Your full name?"

"William Byers." Will responded.

"Do you know who I am?" He asked.

"A doctor."

"Have we met before?"

"I don't remember." Will stated.

"You don't remember me? Okay. How about this guy here?" He asked, pointing at Mike, who was standing beside Brynn.

"Its alright, take your time."

"Thats... my friend... Mike." Will said.

"And how about that young woman beside him?" Owens asked.

"Thats... that's... um..." Will started, making Brynn nervous. "Thats Brynn... She saved me..." He said, and Brynn exhaled a breath that she never realized she was holding.

"What about me kid? Remember me?" Hopper asked. Will looked at him, then shook his head. "They tell me you helped save me last night. You remember that?" Will shook his head again.

"Do you remember anything about last night? About what happened?"

"I remember they hurt me." Will said.

"You mean the doctors?"

"No. The soldiers." Will said. Brynn remembered the men she saw the night before when she tapped into the Upside Down.

"The soldiers hurt you?"

"They shouldn't have done that. It upset him."

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