Hermione's P.o.V

"Ronny and Mione sitting on a roof K-I-S-Z er umm" physco harry said running around the halls of Hogwarts. Word had got around about Ron and I's outing at Hogsmede and our activities on honeydukes.
"Woah I feel really dizzy" harry said as he fell to the ground.
"FINALLY" Ginny cried "I thought he would never shut up!" She said with a smile on her face.
"Yoo Hoo! I'm back my friends!" Darn, the return of physco harry
"No you're not!" Ginny said smacking harry on the head, causing him to fall to the ground again.
"Anyyyyyyywayyyyyy" Ginny said "what's this about you two going kissy-kissy on the roof!?" She said.
"Hahahaha wellllll" I started and told her about all the events last night.
"OH EM GEE" we heard someone yell "I TOTES SHIP YOU TWO" it was Colin creevey. Wait. I thought he was dead. Meh oh well.
"Colin are you okay?" Ginny asked
"I guess you could say that, THE FEELS THEY ARE TOO POWERFUL! THIS IS LIKE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN CHO AND HAZZA KISSED" and with that Colin fell to the ground, but not before whispering "romione is the new OTP"
"Uh is he ok? I don't think he said yes or no?" Ron said
"Oh he'll be fine, this happened with a few of the girls in my neighbourhood after reading some book called The Hunger Games? It was quite funny really, none of the doctors knew what to do with them!" I told them
"Oh ok then, as long as they don't die!" Ginny said
"Haha nah they don't die haha yeah- I mean no! Ha that's right no dying ha" I said awkwardly remembering the tale of Lilli Sayersachovi.
Just at that moment professor McGonagall walked into the common room.
"Why are there two boys laying on the ground? *gasp* it's Hazza and that weird camera kid" she said "they're not dead are they?"
"No headmaster Harry has had a potion hangover and Colin has passed out because of something called 'the feels' " Ron told her
"Oh no! I never thought I'd said this but- we have to take Camera guy to Madam Pomfrey! The ministry sues the school a lot of money if any kids die of Feels. We just can't afford those kind of budget cuts at the momment the 'we ❤️ McGonagall' club is having a cupcake sale soon since we- I mean they are low on members for some reason. Anyway Weasley!" Ginny and Ron both stood up "the guy!" McGonagall said. Ron sat down. "No, I ugh Ron help me carry Camera to poopy Pomfrey- I mean Poppy, yeah Poppy." McGonagall ordered
"Can't you just use magic?" Ron said
"Right! Yeah sorry 'bout that" she said as she levitated Colin to the hospital wing.

"We ought to visit him don't you think, since we were there and didn't really do anything to help him." I said about five minuets after Colin had left.
"Your so nice Hermione!" Ron said and I blushed
"Woah epic wipeout man!" Harry said as he got up
"Harry!" Ginny yelled "is it really you? Are you back!?"
"Well in the movies when they wake up they can't really remember anything, and I can't remember anything so yeah I guess I'm back!" Harry explained
"Oh Harry!" Ginny said and flung her arms around him "you made us call you Hazza and you spoke like a mad person who belonged in St. mungos" she said
"Oh well all I remeber is me breaking into Snape's office to umm- make a sacrifice by painting it yellow then I drank some lemonade and then I forgot everything"
"Oh harry!" Ginny said and she kissed him.
Ron and I kinda sat there awkwardly, wondering when they were going to break apart, when they finally did Harry spoke
"Hey that rings a bell! Oh that's right my I kale ronnikins is all grown up snogging Mione! Ooo" he said "*gasp* DO IT AGAIN DO IT AGAIN" harry cried like a whinny baby
"Should we?" Ron asked me
"Why not?" I replied and our lips joined just like they had last night.
And I had never felt happier

Later, we all decided to go visit Colin in the hospital wing. When we were walking there Ron and I were holding hands, which seemed harmless until Colin saw us and started hyperventilating, we immediately letting go, not wanting to kill someone.
"Ron" Colin whispered "come here"
Ron stepped forward, confused
"Umm yeah?"
"Closer, my child, closer" Colin said "Ron, you were like a brother to me"
"Uh I don't think I've ever talked to you in my life"
"Still, it's the thought that counts"
"Uh I've never really-" Ron said
"Hush my child there is no need" Colin said
"Uh" Ron said looking puzzled.
"And now it is time I left this world farewell my friends"
"Uhhh" we all said
"Shut up your supposed to be nice to people when they die" Colin said angrily
" right, right sorry mate" Ron said
"Harry your Hazza is showing"
"Right sorry" harry said
"Anyways catch ya later pals! I'm dying now seeya!" Colin said as he passed away
"Umm that was quick" I said
"Dammit!" McGonagall said "we needed that money! Damn you, Damn you all!"

I forgot to mention in the last chapter but my friend @BlueEnchiladas (check out her page. She can write some cool books) wrote the last two chapters so a big thanks to her. I will try and get the next chapter up by Sunday


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