Hermionie's P.o.V

Madam Pomfrey insisted that I head back to my dormitory for the night to see if it would make me feel any better. I didn't tell her I was depressed though. No. There was only a few limited people I would trust not tell anyone that information. Anyway as I headed into the dormitory I was immediately pulled into a hug by Pravati Patil and Lavender Brown.
"Oh Hermione! Thank you, so, so much!" Pravati cried. I assumed she was referring to the battle of Hogwarts where I saved Lavender from Greyback.
"It was no problem" I replied grimly, since I was in a very bad and sad mood.
Lavender rose from her position sitting on the bad and said to me
"I know we haven't always had the best past, but I guess I should thank you for helping me and ummm, I guess I should say I'm sorry for what I did to you in our sixth year"
Ah yes my dreaded sixth year.
"Thank you Lavender" I said "it really wasn't a problem"
I then sat in my bed, pulling down the curtains so I could have a well earned rest.

*7:45 in the morning*

I woke up in the morning feeling better than I had last night, you know, less depressed. I got dressed and then made my way down to the Gryffindor table. All of my friends seemed to be there already so I took the only seat available, which, unfortunately, was next to Ron.
"Good morning Hermione" he said to me. He was being especially nice today.
"Morning" I replied
"So what's everyone up to today?" Ginny asked "I know that Harry was planning on taking me to Hogsmede" she said happily
"I wouldn't be to sure about that" Ron said sounding doubtful
"What do you mean?" Ginny frowned. Ron pointed to a boy who was skipping happily into the great hall with lopsided glasses and an untidy uniform
"Harry looks a bit off" Ron said, confirming all our thoughts
"Goooooooooood morning everyone. Hey WHHHYYYYYYY are you all dressed like big bird on Boxing Day?" He said to us
Ok what the heck is wrong with the boy who lived.
"Umm harry dear, are you feeling ok?" Ginny asked
"ABBBBBBBBBBBBsolutely my elephant brother" he replied patting a very angry ginny on the head.
"WHAT did you just call me!?" Ginny asked, I assumed she thought harry was just messing around.
"Ummm mate did you ummm maybe have anything, uh different that you wouldn't normally have?" Ron asked
"EWWWWWWW I DON'T WANT TO MATE WITH YOU!" Harry yelled "and for your information good sir I had a little pop into Mr. Snape's office and thought I might have a little refreshment" he said in a brittish accent. "Now if you fine sirs excuse me I must have a little sit down on my mothers lap" Harry said in the same accent
"Uh harry, your mums dea-" I didn't get to finish my sentence because Harry then sat down on Ginny's lap and started sucking his thumb.
"Ok then"
I started digging into my toast when Ron spoke.
"Hey umm Hermione, I was wondering if you would like to come to Hogsmede with me today, you know just so we can umm catch up?" He asked "I need to explain things. Alone."
Now I don't know if it was because I thought it was a good idea and wanted to hear what he had to say or if Harry's crazy germs were wearing off on me but I said yes, which brought a handsome smile to his face made of pure happiness.
"Are you sure we're allowed to go?" I asked
"Hermione we helped save the wizarding world as we know it, I'm sure we could have a barbecue in the department if ministries if we wanted" Ron said as we were heading out of the great hall.
"Wait! Where are you going!" Ginny cried "don't leave me here with him" she said indicating to Harry who was still sucking his thumb on Ginny's lap.
"We warned you" Ron called to her behind him.
"Wait no you didn't! Arghh" ginny called out in frustration to her brother

Ron and I walked to Hogsmede and we decided to get some butter beer at the Three Broomsticks. Ron asked me lots of questions about my trip to Australia to get my parents and I asked him questions about how his family was coping after, well you know....

The day was drawing to an end when we decided to go to honeydukes.
"Ron it will be closed ah this hour" I told him.
"The roof doesn't close" he said
"Are you implying that we go and sit on the roof of honeydukes?" I asked
"Brilliant idea Ronald"
So it was decided, why climbed onto the roof of honeydukes and stared at the stars
"I think it's time I explained things" he said. The moment I've been waiting for all night. The explanation.
"Go on" I said
"Well I realise now that I have broken your heart a lot of times, you know with Lavender and Parkinson."
"Yes" I said
"But there are reasons I did it" he said to me
"Really? What might they be?" I said to him
"Well you remember the huge argument I had with Ginny before I started dating Lavender, you know the one where told me I was jealous because I've never snogged anyone"
"I remember it very clearly"
"Well that's why I snogged her, out of anger. It felt great to have someone care about you"
"People do care about you Ron..." I said
"How many times have I heard that? Anyway the lavender thing is done its Pug-Face Parkinson"
I sniggered at the nickname for Pansy "go on"
"Do you know who Pug face hates most?"
"No. You"
"Yep, probably out of jealousy because dra-" he didn't finish. "Anyway you know one thing that our friend Puggy is great at?"
"She's ok at potions, not the best" I said
"No where near as good as you, but there's one particular potion she is the best at"
"Amortentia" I whispered "wait, you don't to say that she-"
"That's exactly what she did!" He claimed "I broke up with her as soon as I found out"
"Ron" I whispered
"No it's ok"
"You didn't have to" I said
"It was fake Hermione!" He cried "I missed you Hermione" he said in a hushed tone
"I did too Ron"
And we both leaned in, our lips touching, tounges moving. I was snogging Ron Weasley
The kiss lasted a while and it was brilliant until...
"Lumos Maxima" I someone said and we broke apart, holding hands. "Hey hey hey my friends" great phsyco harry had showed up. Ron and I climbed down. And we couldn't stop giggling.

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