Raph x scared reader

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(y/n)'s P.O.V

i was sitting in the lair waching the guys sparr Leo and Raph were going at it realy hared and they started hurting eachouther and saying things they hate about eachother and it was starting to scare me. "yeah you think that you could handel takeing care of everyone here!" Leo screamed "yeah i can,k but its proof that ya cant cause (Y/N) got hurt on our last patrole becaus you acsadentily cut her!!" Raph shouted "just stop it both of you!" Donnie screamed "STAY OUT OF THID D!" Raph screamd way to loud, i startd to shake and humming  to camb down

"your scaring (y/n) shut up!" Mikey cryed out as he hugged me tightly, Raph ran out really fast so did leo but i swere i herd raph mumble "im to scarey for her to like me" but i brushed it off.

i started to go talk to leo when i passed Raph's door and hered crying "Raph... can.. i... come...in" i stuted "GO AWAY!!" he screamed and started sobing. i pushed the door open and walked in cautiosly "raph why are you crying" i wisped as i sat infront of him "i sayed to go away!" he said loudly "no im not leveing you, not in this stayet." i sayed pulling him into a hug, at first he tryed to fight it but realies that he wasn't ganna get away. "why are you doing this, go bug LEO!" he shouted "i dont wannt tob bother leo he's a big boy he can take care of him self but you cant." i said. aventualy he stoped crying and just hugged me tightly "you know you scared the crap out of me i thought you were gonna get heret you ideot." i said rubbing his shell "sorry." he wispered "go talk to leo, please." i beged "fine but on one conditon." he said "whats that?" i asked "this." he said as he kissed me. after about 3 seconds of shock i kissed back "ok im gonna go deal with the baby Captenn Ryan." he said walkng out


hi loves yes im back, i made cookies and ate them all!!!! non for you wait here have a vertual shuger cookey [ O ] by Love's ~Marcellus

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