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Jack Frost landed in the great room of North's workshop, smiling at all of his fellow Guardians.

"North, it's two weeks until Christmas. Why did you call a meeting?" Bunnymund began to question, since all of the guardians were now here. North refused to explain why they were here until everyone arrived, as he didn't want to re-explain multiple times.

"Manny has chosen a new Guardian," North told everyone, his voice hard and firm. Jack's eyes widened at the news. New Guardians are only chosen when something bad is going to happen. It had only been a year since Manny had chosen Jack as a Guardian, and they had defeated Pitch.

"Then what's the threat? It can't be Pitch, there's no way he can come back that quickly," Tooth spoke fast, obviously nervous. 

"I'm afraid I do not know, all I know is Manny chose another Guardian,"

Before the conversation could continue, the pedestal in front of them all began to rise from the ground. Jack was fascinated, realizing that this was how the Guardians found out that Manny chose him as well.

The figure on top of the pedestal began to take shape, and Jack could hear Tooth take in a loud gasp at the figure.

It was a girl, not any older than Jack was. Her hair flowed down to her waist in waves, a single braid twisted into the right side. She wore a dress that flowed down to her knees, adorned with patterns similar to that of Jack's frost.

Her eyes were her most striking feature. Big and full of wonder: like North's.

"What kind of sick joke is this!" North shouted, startling everyone. He was facing the skylight, glaring up at Manny with his sword raised. "What are you trying to do here?"

"North, if he chose her he has good reason," Bunnymund tried to calm the man down, and Tooth nodded along and gave North a hug.

"Um, sorry, but who is she?" Jack asked, confused by everyone's reactions. Sandy tugged on his shirt, creating the image of North about his head, and then the image of a baby. Jack's eyes widened, putting the pieces together. "North, she's your daughter? How the hell is that possible!"

North sighed, motioning everyone over to the common seating area of his workshop. Everyone sat across from Jack, who was waiting for North's explanation.

"I fell in love with a woman, a mortal woman. I pleaded to Manny for many nights to give me something, for I didn't want to lose her one day. I wanted her to be immortal. Instead, Manny granted us a child.

Her name is Melody. She has a center, she has powers, but she can be seen by everyone. She can be seen because part of her is human, but she's immortal like us all."

"Why is it such a big deal that Manny chose her?" Jack questioned, looking around at all of his friends.

"Because," Bunnymund began. "North and Melody have not spoken in 250 years. She resents him and Manny."


"Because she had to watch her mother die," Tooth explained, her tone sad. "She's immortal, she stopped aging as a teenager. She lived with her mother, and North would visit. Melody loved the idea of being immortal, until she had to watch her mother age and die while she was trapped."

"She got over it, until the day she fell in love," North was looking off into the distance as he spoke, the pain evident in his voice. "She fell in love with a mortal, and then had to watch him age in front of her as well. She kept her composure until he died in an accident, and she was furious. She screamed at me, told me she wished I would've never met her mother. That was the last time I spoke to her."

"We're out of options, North, we have to go see her," Bunnymund comforted his friend as Jack looked over to the ice sculpture of her that was erected on the pedestal. He felt for her. He felt alone for years because no one could see him, but she felt alone because people could see her. She got the chance to love them, and then watch them disappear.

"It's been 250 years, I don't know where she is,"

"Sandy does," Tooth admitted as Jack turned back to the conversation. Sandy nodded, explaining through his symbols that when she lost someone he would visit, and give her a good night's rest.

North sighed, standing and moving to the window of the common room and gazing out of it. 250 years, and he would finally see his daughter again.

"Prepare the sleigh,"

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