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a/n - hey guys so this story is probably going to be really bad so sorry in advance lol.
Natalia's POV
"I'm going to miss you so much nat, make sure you skype me as soon as you get to the house, okay?"

The only hard thing about leaving France for two months , something I hadn't thought about when I signed up to go to Canada , was leaving behind my twin sister, Brooklyn. She was the only person who understood how I felt over the past months and had patience with me when I had bad days, and this was how I was repaying her? Leaving to a completely different continent for two months... I'm a great sister.

"I know ,I'll miss you too. I'll text you when we land and yes I won't forget"

we exchanged one last hug and a final goodbye before I walked towards the gate for my flight to Toronto, I made sure I had my passport and boarding pass before sitting down in the waiting area next to the other exchange students and our teacher, Mrs McKnight.

"are you nervous, nat?"

I turned to face millie, who was also going on the trip. She was clearly stressed and I understood. As much as I was excited to go to a whole new place and a whole new school, I was anxious. What if the school was far more strict? And what if my placement family didn't like me? there was a lot to stress about, but I tried not to think of these things, it would be an experience either way I suppose.

"Um, yeah I guess I am, I haven't been anxious until now actually."

She gave me a knowing smile and nodded,

"Me too, but I'm sure it'll be fine. And, hey, if all else goes wrong we have each other, right?"


I crossed my fingers underneath my boarding card, this was something I had been looking forward to for so long. I just hope that excitement wasn't in vain.

"Flight 329 To Toronto is now boarding at gate 14, I repeat, flight 329 at gate 14"

Mrs McKnight took a final head count to ensure everyone was there and then we all went through the gate, found out seats and prepared to take off. It was quite late and when we arrived in Canada it would be morning so once the plane had taken off and i got comfy and fell into a deep sleep as we began to fly halfway across the world.


"Natalia, we are landing in a half hour dear I thought I would wake you."

"Yes, thanks miss"

Mrs McKnight woke everyone else up and I went to the bathroom to comb my hair, brush my hair and put on some deodorant. I then changed into some black leggings and a maroon coloured hoodie. I returned to my seat for landing and millie gave me an excited look as the seatbelt signs came on and I looked out of the window to see Toronto, it was beautiful and suddenly I could hardly contain my excitement. I wanted to get off the plane right then and explore the cityscape below me.

The plane landed smoothly and we all piled off the plane, we made our way to baggage claim and waited for our luggage. After what felt like an age I saw my suitcase and once I had grabbed it from the conveyor belt I found millie and we made our way to the pick-up area.

I didn't know much about the family I would be staying with for the next two months, I knew the name of my exchange buddy was Aaliyah Mendes but other than that I didn't know much. I hoped with everything Inside me that she liked me because I would be spending two months in her home and then she would be spending two months in mine. Which would be kind of difficult if she wound up hating me.

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a brunette girl, around 5"5 approaching millie. Millie laughed and pointed over to me, this is it I thought to myself. I put on a friendly smile and the girl approached me with a similar expression,

"Hey, Natalia? I'm aaliyah, it's so great to finally meet you. Damn you're taller than I expected"

She laughed and I joined in, it was true I was tall for fourteen, I was 5"8 but I liked it because it made me feel unique. I introduced myself properly to aaliyah and we hugged briefly before she lead me to her family so I could meet the people I would be making my family for the following months.

"So guys, this is Natalia. Natalia, this is my mum and dad; Karen and manny, and my brother Shawn. Shawn's 16 And goes to Oakmore Academy as well."

I smiled and said polite 'hellos' and 'nice to meet yous' to Aaliyah's parents and smiled shyly to Shawn before aaliyah grabbed my hand and pulled me out from the airport and towards the car to take us home. I spotted millie with her placement family and she seemed to be okay so I waved in her direction quickly before closing the car door and answering Aaliyah's many questions about France and asking some of my own about Canada.


A/n - so that's the first chapter guys, sorry if it's not the best. This is my first time writing so hopefully it wasn't too awful, haha! Anyway, thanks for reading and comment any suggestions for the series.

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