Poseidon Find Out

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I got up and went down stairs to see that Poseidon has already fixing breakfast. He was cooking pancakes and bacon. He said I had time to go get dressed for the beach so I packed us some snakes and then went to get dressed for the beach.

I put my swim suit on and was about to put the shirt on that I was going to wear and swim with at the beach when the door was barged open with my back turned form it.

"Hey, Percy, I was wondering-" Poseidon immediately stopped in the middle of his sentence and I put my shirt on quickly and turned around and saw that Poseidon was staring wide eyed at me.

I tried to play it off cool and asked, "Wondering what?"

"What is that?" Poseidon asked with a glare.

"What was what?" I ask starting to play dumb. He can't find out. He will hate me.

"The marks I just saw on your back."

"Marks? What marks?"

"Turn around, Percy."


"Excuse me?"

"I said no." I tell him back fearfully.

"Percy, turn around, now." He said back firmly.

"It's not that big of a deal, Poseidon. Why do you care?"

"First of all, I'll tell you if it is a big deal or not. Second of all, I am your Dad and I will care."

"You didn't care before! Why do you care now?!"

"What is that supposed to mean?!" He yelled at me. I could tell he was getting angry but it was all flowing out of me. I saw his hand comping toward me and I flinched. I saw Poseidon pinch his eyebrows in confusion. I could tell what he was thinking. I know Poseidon wouldn't hurt me. Not that I think anyway. But right now, all I could think of was Gabe and all the pain that he caused me and my Mom. I panicked and I ran. I ran far. I ran passed Poseidon and opened the door and continued to run. I ran as fast as I could. I ran faster than I ever ran before.

In a distance I could hear Poseidon calling my name and telling me to come back but I ignored it and continued running. I ran until I was really far down the beach, where I can be free. Finally, my feet gave out on me and I collapsed on the sand and just looked at the ocean. This is all my fault. There is no way Poseidon will take me back now. I messed everything up.

I was too concentrated on my thoughts that I didn't hear the footsteps behind me until I felt two strong arms wrap around me. I started screaming, but then I heard Poseidon's voice and I just got really sad. Starting thinking about never seeing him again and I just cried. No, I didn't cry. I pretty much sobbed. Poseidon then turned me around and I dug my face into his shirt and it got soaked in my tears. Poseidon continued to hold me and rub my back and say comforting words until I calmed down.

"Percy, are you okay?" He asked me and I nod my head. Then, he gives me a doubting look. "Percy, tell me what's wrong." I shake my head. "Please?" I meet his eyes and he looks desperate, pleading, and fearful.

I don't want him to hate me. I honestly don't. He doesn't understand. He doesn't want to know. But, I know that he deserves to know. He's my Dad. What he doesn't understand is that he will hate me. He will understand that he should hate me after knowing what Gabe has told me. That's what Gabe told me. I never told anyone because I didn't want them to hate me if Gabe was right.

I also know that Poseidon isn't going to stop bringing this up until I tell him what's wrong though. So, better to get it over with. I take a deep breath, take myself out of his arms, and tell him the whole story. What Gabe did to me. What he told me. Why people hate me. Why they should. I told him about the 'lessons'. What he did to my Mom. I should him my scars. I showed him my burns. I never met his eyes during the whole thing. I didn't want to see the hate in them. I didn't want to see the disgust of knowing me. Of me being his son.

I hear a, "Percy..." and that is when I decide to look up. I heard the fear, brokenness, and maybe a little anger in his voice. What I saw made me gasp. Poseidon's eyes were watering. He wrapped his arms around me again into a tight hug.

I'm shocked by his actions. Isn't he supposed to hate me. After a moment, I take myself out of him arms again and stare at him. I can tell that he wants to hug me again, but doesn't. "Don't you hate me?" I ask him with real confusion.

Poseidon's eyebrows pinch with even more confusion. "Why would I hate you, Percy?"

"Because off what Gabe said. You have reasons to hate me. You know that they are all true now, too." I say like it is the most obvious thing in the world.

I see Poseidon's eyes light with fire. "The only person I hate is Gabe. None of those things are true, Percy. You have to understand that." He tells me firmly. I let my eyes fall to me lap. I felt Poseidon tense next to me. I feel his fingers go under my chin and make me look up at him. "Hey, none of those things are true. I will make you see that. Because he doesn't love you. He just wanted to hurt you. He didn't try to know you. I know you and guess what? I love you. I am proud that you are my son, Percy." Tears form in my eyes and Poseidon smiles proudly at me. "Come on, its been a long morning. How about we come to the beach again another time, and watch movie today instead while we eat our breakfast?" He asks and I nod. "Great! Let's go back home." He says and my hearts lifts knowing that Poseidon still cares about me.
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