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Fall in love with someone's eyes.

It's the one thing that never changes.

* * *

For as long as ever, Ava and Brennan couldn't seem to stop speaking about the trio they'd seen yesterday...

... and neither could Sage stop thinking of the mysterious black haired one.

Was this even possible? To lock eyes with someone once, then end up thinking about them all night even when you knew absolutely nothing about them?

What was this?

Sage decided to brush it off. Of course, this had to be feelings of curiosity - nothing more. He just saw the guy - who he mentally coined the name Jonah - and was curious. Jonah was a senior, after all. Also, he and his friends had just appeared to possess something about them. Something extraordinary.

Power. Money. Girls.


Some things Sage would never be able to get, no matter how hard he tried.

"Who were those guys yesterday?" he finally worked up the courage to ask. The question had been poking up his insides since yesterday, and unfortunately, he wasn't able to pick up anything from the two girls' squabbling. As soon as the question was out, they immediately swooped in on him with must-know information.

"Oh my God, Sage! How do you not know?" Brennan questioned, throwing her hands to the heavens in disbelief.

"He's new, dummy! How would he know?" Ava remarked, slapping her forehead in a face palm. They bickered for a while, back and forth until Brennan finally calmed down from her session of intense fangirling to explain to him.

She drew in a deep breath. "CXC." she simply murmured, the admiration clear in her voice for whoever - or whatever - this 'CXC' was.

As Ava picked up on Brennan's disability to speak at that moment, she took that as her cue to explain to the ignorant bystander. "CXC-Carlos García, Xander Love, Carter Al-Balawin." she firmly stated. Her gaze was expectant as she stared him down, magically awaiting for him to get what she was saying. He didn't. She continued. "Or you can just call them CG, XL, CAB."

Brennan regained the spotlight in an instant. Obviously, Ava was doing a 'poor' job at introductions. She dutifully rectified the issue. "They're the trio that ... oh, God ... okay, they all have, like, this sexy-ass accent, and Xander... Well, he's Xander." she said dreamily.

Was all this exaggeration really necessary? Up until this point, Sage still didn't know who Carlos was from Xander.

"Xander is like the hottest motherfucker that ever walked the school. Every girl on sight wants a chance with him." Ava exclaimed, moving her pointer finger across the cafeteria with squinted eyes. "He's the black haired one of the three who doesn't talk much - so I hear. He has everything in looks, he's rich, has the perfect family and so much more! Christ... Those lips... A girl can only dream of what those can-"

"PG ratings, Ava!" Brennan squealed, playfully slapping Ava's arm.

Brennan giggled, before she delivering the must-know details about the other two. "Don't mind her, Sage. She has had thee biggest crush on Xander since, like, the freshman year. Most girls here like him. But he's a heartbreaker - to what rumors say - but you hardly ever see him with a girl." she said. Sage nodded to signify his attentiveness, mentally taking notes. "Carlos is the captain of the football team. New girl every day. And not to mention how tall and hot he is! He's the brown haired one."

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