Clara's P.O.V

 "Oh my gosh, Per! You look perfect!" El squeals at our friend as she comes out of the dressing room with yet another dress. Perrie rolls her eyes. That's what Eleanor has said about the past eleven dresses. Harry and I have decided to enjoy our engagement for a while, so Perrie and Zayn jumped at the chance to finally have their wedding. It's in seven months: November 14th. Perrie turns to me, and I shrug.

"It's nice," I admit. "I don't love this," I tell her, standing up and pulling at the weird-ass ballgown swoops at the body of the dress. Seriously, what the fuck?

"Yeah," Perrie agrees. "I want a really elegant-looking dress, not a ballgown."

I look around the room for a few minutes, trying to find a Perrie-dress. I pick out a few dresses and pile them into Perrie's arms. "Try these on."

She tries them on one by one until there's only two left. She tries on the second to last one and steps out of the dressing room. It's perfect. I grin and nod, pointing towards the mirror. The dress is slim-fitting on top, and the bottom goes out in beautiful layers of tulle. It's simple but pretty, and it makes her look gorgeous. She smiles in the mirror and nods. "It's perfect."

Finally, her mom runs into the store. She's about two hours late to this store. Let's all applaud Perrie's mom for her incredible timing. Debbie gasps when she sees her daughter in the dress, and immediately starts crying.

"Oh, mum!" Perrie exclaims, running over to her mom and hugging her. "Don't cry!"

"I'm sorry, love," Debbie sniffles. "You just look so beautiful." I smile.

"You like the dress, then?" the bride asks.

"Of course," her mom smiles. "You look beautiful."

"I think this is the one," Perrie finally says. It's taken two weeks and about eighteen different stores to finally find the right one, and it's PERFECT. I'm so excited for her.

Harry's P.O.V

Finally, the front door opens and Eleanor, Clara, and Perrie walk in. Clara runs and hugs me, giving me a peck on the lips. I hold her for a moment and kiss her hair.

"I missed you today, love," I tell her.

"I missed you, too, babe," she smiles. "Hey, so we were thinking, and El, Per, and I were wondering if you would be okay if like a month before the wedding, El and I stayed over at Perrie and Zayn's, and then Zayn could come stay here."

"Yeah, sure," I agree. "That would be really fun. Except for the part about not being able to see you every night." Clara flares her nostriles awkwardly.

"Harry, you're such a freak," she states. I nod in agreement.

"Yeah, I know. I get that a lot," I smirk mischievously, grabbing her waste and pulling her closer so that our noses are touching.

"But I love you anyway," she laughs breathily, meeting my lips with hers. "Oh, shit! I forgot that I have a coffee date with Jen in a few minutes. I gotta go, babe."

"Okay," I smile, kissing her one more time. "Be back soon."

"Yes, sir," she gives me a salute, making me laugh as she turns and walks to the door to go meet her friend. She's amazing.

Jen's P.O.V

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