Chapter 1

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"It will be fun, It's just a party" Fern rolled her eyes as Cobie quoted her from earlier in an overly exaggerated high pitched voice. Yes, maybe Fern forced her into a car and into one of Zash's well-known weekly party's, but they had a good time. Well she did anyways.

"Hey, you had fun at least?" She asked jumping out of the jet black Subaru. Cobie followed forcing the door closed with a big push and groaning loudly. By her groan, Fern could tell that she didn't have fun.

"are you seriously asking me if i had fun? Wow Fern just take a look at me" Cobie growls pointing her hands towards her body. Only now did Fern realise the variety of different stains covering Cobie from her chest down to her knees. Before Fern even had a chance to form a reply Cobie had already stomped furiously into her house, slamming the door behind her .

"Well bye!" Fern yelled sarcastically even though she new Cobie couldn't hear her. Without looking back, she got in her car and drove away.

Cobie huffed. She wasn't angry, she was just upset. Honestly, she was having a good time minus the food fight during the end when Fern was nowhere to be seen and Cobie somehow managed to be put in the middle of it. She just had enough of Fern forcing her to go everywhere and expect her to go out on every blind date. Just because she was single didn't always mean she was unhappy, even though in this case she really was unhappy.

'He said he'll be back' she thought in her head trying to reassure herself, even though her heart was telling her to move on.

She couldn't keep living like this but Cobie knew in Fern's eyes, she was 'a bit of a pringle' which meant she was single, and would crumble and break easily. Cobie cringed at that thought. She didn't like how well Fern knew her. Slamming her palms against her bedroom door, she heaved a heavy sigh.

"I've had enough" she says, pushing off of her door and falling onto her bed. "Enough" she says one last time, letting her mind go blank as she sinks into the beautiful but temporary happiness of sleep.


7:00am Monday

"Shut up!" I yell throwing a pillow at the door.

"Cobie Lorraine Anderson! Wake Up!" Mom yells banging louder. I roll out of bed, throwing another pillow at the door.

"I'm Up!" I yell back, rubbing my head and opening my little closet. I pulled out aqua booty shorts and my loose and wavy 'can you like not' t-shirt. And right now, i really wasn't in the mood for shit, i currently have this huge headache and i have no idea why because i didn't even flipping drink last night. Opening my door, i made sure my stomping was extra loud when i headed across the hall to the bathroom, stupid idea headache just got worse.

I brushed all the knots out of my hair, and pulled all of it up into a loose braid. After all my bathroom formalities, i headed downstairs to make some breakfast. Everything seemed normal, except when i went to go grab my bag from the entertainment room...Simon wasn't there.

"Where's Simon?" I ask mom who was currently reading the News Paper. She was still in her sleeping gown. What a Grunge.

She looked up at me from behind the News Paper and replied "At work" i scoffed. Work? How could Simon have work. Idiot can't even remember to put his dirty socks in the wash. Yes my Annoying older brother was an idiotic pig. I don't think mom has her head switched on today. School mom? Remember?

"Um, What about school?" I watched Mom, lower her Paper, giving me a look as if to say 'he's a senior, doesn't start until next week doofus' "oh, right" i say exaggerating the word 'right'

Maybe i didn't have my head switched on today...


I was now on my way to School. Walking actually. It has been two whole months since i had to walk anywhere, and i can't really remember why i hated it in the first place...

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