If You Must Stay

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Penelope makes me wait at the hospital until she can drive me back to their flat. I tried to convince her to let me just take her car (Baz's Jag is here, why can't she drive that?), but she wouldn't let me.

So here I am, sitting on an uncomfortable bench in a waiting room that smells like bleach and vanilla, waiting for someone I don't ever want to see again in my life. So. Much. Fun.

Penny sits next to me, typing away on her laptop. Occasionally picking up her phone to text Micah. Generally ignoring me. (I ignore her right back.)

They're keeping Simon for a few days, treating him for extreme dehydration and just plain exhaustion. Baz is going to have to stay for a couple weeks. He went in for surgery yesterday afternoon, and then again this morning.

"It's funny," the doctor told us, "it's like they both received massive electric shocks, but from different sources." (Three guesses as to what those sources may be).

Penelope's phone chimes, and she looks over at me. I don't make eye contact with her.

"Agatha, it's Simon. He wants to tell us something," she urges, more than a little unpleasant impatience in her voice. Rolling my eyes, I mutter, "fine", and follow her to Simon and Baz's adjoined rooms (it's just one long room with a curtain down the centre).

A smiling Simon Snow stands outside the door, one hand wrapped around his IV pole. Penny kisses his cheek and ruffles his already tousled hair. I'm careful to keep a minimum distance of ten feet away from him (I haven't forgotten how he threw me across that clearing like I weighed nothing).

"Alright, Si?" Penny asks. Simon beams at her.

"Better than alright," he practically giggles. I repress a snort of disdain. Penny raises a single, dark eyebrow.

"What's up?" She asks, sounding a little suspicious now. Simon blushes, smiling down at his feet.

"Back in... um... the ravine," he sneaks a quick glance at me before continuing, "I sort of told Baz that if he made it through all of this... I would marry him?"

My head snaps up and my stomach sinks through the floor. Simon did what?

"And... he just said yes." Simon's face is lit up with this golden, happy glow that sets my teeth on edge (it looks a little too similar to his newly-rediscovered magic for my comfort). Penny actually squeals and grips his shoulders.

"Simon! Does that mean you two will finally get your own flat and leave me in peace?" She teases. Simon nods, still grinning from ear to ear.

"It does. He's knocked out from all of his pain meds right now, so I'm going to go make sure he's comfortable. See you later?" He asks Penelope with a peck to her cheek. She nods.

"Yeah. I'm going to drive Agatha back to the flat and then to her parents' house, but I'll be back as soon as possible. Okay?"

"Okay. Agatha... it was good to see you again," he tells me, with a halfhearted smile.

I can tell he doesn't mean it. So I turn and make my way back to the waiting room. Not bothering to answer.


Author's note:

Hey guys!

Good news! I survived having my wisdom teeth removed! Also, I'm on a SHIT ton of painkillers right now, so I apologize for the probable poor quality of this chapter. I have a few more things in store for this fic, and then I think I'll definitely do a sequel! Hopefully you'll all enjoy it :)


I don't currently have the proper cognitive functioning levels to draw Snowbaz art, so here's a drawing of me with my post-surgery chubby cheeks instead (again, low cognitive functioning= hilariously crappy art— enjoy 😉 ). Also I feel vaguely like I'm going to pass out, so I'm gonna go now.

 Also I feel vaguely like I'm going to pass out, so I'm gonna go now

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