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Mission Mate with Y/N
On Hold
I will not try to mate with Y/N. I will not try to mate with Y/N. I will not try to mate with Y/N...

"Psst. Noona, wake up."

Sighing, you roll over to your other side, trying to avoid the soft voice and it's attempts to drag you out of sleep.

The voice giggles. "No, Noona, come this way."

Gentle hands on your shoulders roll you back over.

You groan and let your eyes drift open, breath catching at the sight in front of you.

Jungkook smiles radiantly, a stripe of sunlight leaking in between the window blinds highlighting the curve of his cheekbone. His bare collarbone is partially obscured by the sheets that he's cuddled up under.

"Good morning," he whispers, voice deeper and raspier then normal from sleep. His brown and blond-streaked hair stands up in different directions, mussed from sleep, and there's a lazy tilt to his beautiful eyes.

You're actually shocked that he's awake before you. On a normal basis, trying to wake Jungkook up is like trying to raise the dead.

"It's Saturday, Noona. I'm hungry." Jungkook tilts his head and scoots his body in closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into him. "Can we make breakfast?"

Ducking your head into his shoulder to hide your smile, you slide your palms up the smooth, warm skin of his shoulder blades and loop them around his neck.

"Mm," you mumble, soaking in the warmth and peace of him. "Five more minutes."

"Five more minutes it is."

You start when his hands at your waist spread and glide up, pushing under your T-shirt even as his mouth graces the skin of your shoulder.

Jungkook drags his mouth down your shoulder and begins to leave small bites along your collarbone, making you arch and gasp.

Your hands are buried in his hair, fisted tightly in the brown-blond strands.

For a moment, his lips abandon your skin and he pulls back to meet your gaze, the two of you breathing and exchanging the same air.

"You know, Noona, that fly thing really hurt," he growls, fingers tracing the hem of your sleep shorts in a teasing way. As he speaks, one of his fingers slips inside and hooks in the waist of your underwear, tugging lightly. "It wasn't very nice of you to do that."

W-what is this? You thought he was supposed to stop trying to seduce you?!

But at the same time, as Jungkook leans down and lets the shape of his lips brush over yours, you realize you don't care.

You kind of want him to seduce you.

"I'm sorry, Kookie," you mumble, arching under his roaming hands.

"For what, Noona?"


That was Jungkook's voice, but his mouth didn't move. The words didn't come from his mouth; they echoed around like they were coming out of a loudspeaker.

"What?" you ask.

"What are you sorry for? Can we have breakfast now?"

Gasping, your eyes shoot open. Your mind is a little fuzzy and disoriented, and Jungkook's still on the other side of the bed, peering at you in confusion.

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