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Colby had shut down in the two days after he tried to kill himself. He didn't eat, which should have made him happy when he began to feel his ribs but he was to out of touch with the world to even realize the pounds slipping away. He didn't talk to anyone, the effort of using his vocal chords was too much, not to mention his lack of words to say due to the deafening emptiness in his brain. He didn't use his phone - it had died days ago - or watch TV, he simply sat staring at the fan in his numbness, the thing that could have aided in his death was beautiful after hours of staring. There was no sign of stimulus that could pull him from his trance. He wasn't even sure if he slept or moved to his bed because of how trivial the information seemed. All of the tears and guilt he had felt seemed to have been used up in his fight with Sam, leaving him void of any display of emotion.

Sam had locked himself in his room out of a mix of self-pity and guilt, he was refusing to talk to anyone in fear of hurting them or making things worse. He was confused out of his mind and unable to rationalize what had happened. He hated that he had just walked out of the bathroom when he was finally shown the side of Colby's life hidden from him. How could it be, that something he felt needed to be revealed would make him wish he knew nothing at all? He refused to believe that any of it was real despite knowing how much it hurt. Elton had insisted that they take Colby to the hospital so he could get help when he found out but Colby refused to talk or move. Corey had gone downstairs after seeing the sight of Colby's room and tried to tell Elton what happened. To be honest it took nearly twenty minutes of him sitting on the couch in the garage before he tapped Elton on the shoulder in order for him to take off his headphones. Corey didn't even have to say that something was wrong, his expression mixed with the yelling from the upstairs caused Elton to go running in time to see Sam storm away from the bathroom. Aaron ended up being the one who had to explain everything. Elton seemed to be the only one who didn't cry. He may have wanted to but they desperately needed an adult in the house. The house was quiet and the air was dead.

Aaron and Corey tried to fix everything by themselves, they brought food into Colby and Sam's rooms and took out what was left untouched. The feeling of guilt drove them both to worry at a constant rate, the two of them often looking into the rooms of the two boys to make sure that they were even breathing. Aaron tried to coax any type of reaction out of Colby and would often just sit and hold him in silence and wait for him to stop tensing from the touch. It never happened. He tried to talk about things that they had often spoke for hours on end about but the boy in front of him resembled a brick wall more than a human. Corey and Devyn would invite Sam out with them to get his mind off what was happening, they knew every second he was left alone with his thoughts he felt guiltier. But he would just shake his head sadly and mumble out an excuse through his lips. 

Elton only decided to take Colby to the hospital when he walked in to have found him moved from his spot where he had sat for the past days. At first, Elton was relieved when he opened the door to find Colby sitting on his floor. He was glad to know that Colby was out of his trance state and was okay enough to move. And then he spotted the blood on Colby's hands, as he swirled the streams coming from the slits in his arm with his fingertips. Internally he cursed himself for not thinking of checking Colby's room for dangerous things before. It seemed so obvious after the fact that he felt like an idiot. Colby was watching the blood flow and trying not to think about how the broken silence was all his fault, he was too out of it to think about locking the door. It was exciting for him to see something other than his ceiling fan or his wall and the bright red color danced in the iris of his eye. The razor he had used as a catalyst of his creation lay forgotten on the rug next to him, reflecting the light that barley got past the pulled window shades. 

Elton pushed the door open as far as it could go and then slammed it behind him without caring how loud the sound would be. Colby jumped at the sudden sound from behind him and pulled his arm behind his back but judging on the look on Elton's face it was too late. He grabbed the small metal razor off of the floor in an ingrained reflex of hiding his habit.  With scared eyes, he watched as Elton stormed over to where he sat, a stone-cold look on his face, and felt himself being jerked up by Elton's hands. The older man hoisted him up by his armpits and spun him around so that they were face to face once his feet were planted steady on the ground. The razor in his hand put a small slit in his thumb when Elton pulled it out of his hand, carefully as to avoid cutting his own fingers. A millisecond later he tossed it across the room so it could no longer be a threat to the bleeding boy in front of him. Colby made a mental note of where it landed so he could grab it after. Elton flinched at seeing the lack of concern at the pain the cut must have caused, showing the harsh juxtaposition of their approaches to handling the tiny but effective weapon.

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