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-Dark Town-

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-Dark Town-

It was midnight. The streets of the town became empty along with the night being dark and foggy.

People of the town were asleep already, except for two men who seemed to be physically hurt and were trying hard to reach to a certain place.

Those men finally arrived to their destination and entered inside an old building which seemed to be unpainted for years, broken windows with doors without proper handles.

When they entered inside, they immediately bowed,"Master", they said and waited for him to reply them.

Their master, he was resting on an arm chair with his eyes shut.

He was wearing a sleeveless vest along with blue ragged jeans which revealed several tattoos and scars printed on his arms.

"Why are you people here?". The man on an arm chair asked showing no emotion.

Those guys maintained their silence and exchanged few glances to each other. They were fully aware of their Master's anger. With their head low they didn't start any conversation except for a guy with tattoos all over his body, just like his master.

"Master, We are sorry for coming here late, but we want to discuss about something important with you", He said and the other guy beside him maintained his silence until he was knocked by an elbow from his left side.

"Y-Yes.. s-sir. Please listen to us", Finally the guy joined.

Master smirked and stood up from his seat,"I already know what it is about".

There was a moment of eerie silence created. None of the two dared to utter anything.

"V already informed me".

Master said and slowly walked towards the men in front of him, clutching their throat. "How dare you try to rape one of my people huh? Who gave you the damn permission?".

They were being choked. Master left their throat and they immediately sat down on their knees and started begging for forgiveness.

"Master. This won't happen again. Please forgive us"

"Yes master! We are sorry. We are extremely sorry. Please don't kill us, please"

"Just shut the fck up". He wailed in anger.

Master took out the gun from his back pocket and shot one of the guy on his chest, making him to fall instantly on the ground.

"I hate that word". He screamed.

The guy fell down on the ground clutching his chest.

The other guy looked at his injured friend who was bleeding badly. He tried to help his friend but his eyes got shut and body became soulless. He was dead.

Master went back to his chair and dozed off to sleep.


                         Chapter: 7



"Ah, my head", Irene groaned lightly as she raised her hand weakly to caress her temple.

She adjusted her upper body on the bed and pulled the blanket to cover herself. Her head was still spinning round and round until she found a familiar body next to her.

Her eyes widened immediately as she noticed her long lost friend in front of her. "Jungkook-ah!"

She tried to wake him but he seemed to be in deep sleep. She sprinkled some water on his face making him to flutter his eyes lightly.

He groaned whilst sitting upright.

"Irene, you okay now?", He asked in his morning voice.

"Yes! I am alright. What about you? Are you fine? Are you hurt anywhere?", Irene held Jungkook's shoulder and checked him in case he had any minor or major injuries.

Jungkook chuckled witnessing Irene's care for him. Jungkook ruffled Irene's hair making her to realise about Jungkook's well being.

"I am fine Irene. Don't worry. I am A.L.I.V.E ". Jungkook chuckled.

Irene sighed,"Thank God!", She said and lied down on the bed until she realised something. She immediately got up from the bed and checked herself out on the mirror.

"What am I doing in these clothes? I was wearing something else", Irene turned her gaze towards Jungkook and he just shrugged off his shoulder as he didn't have any idea about what Irene was talking about.

"You were in these clothes since the time I found you on the secret door to the town"

'Secret door?', She thought.

"When I came out of the town, I saw you lying next to the door unconsciously. So, I picked you up and brought you here to your place".

Irene's eyes widened,"My place!!!", Irene shouted without realizing the range of her voice.

That was when a voice was heard from the outside,"Irene? Is that you?"

"I told mom that I would be in Elly's place", Irene whispered to Jungkook.

Irene panicked and signalled Jungkook to get out of her room before anyone made any false accusations.

Jungkook climbed out of the window and headed outside the mansion.

Irene fixed her hair, with a deep breathe she unlocked the door,"Good morning Mom!", She smiled.

Mrs. Bae looked suspiciously at her daughter, "Elly told me that you would be in her home", She secretly gave a look to the room,"When did you come?"

"An hour ago mom. You guys were sleeping when I came back".

Mrs. Bae believed her daughter and caressed Irene's cheeks with her hand, "Glad you came back. Now, Go and get ready. Today we need to go somewhere".

Irene raised her eyebrow,"Where Mom?", She asked with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Mrs. Bae gave a sly smile and pulled her cheeks,"Wear something pretty".

-Dark Town-

"You want cheese or jam for your bread?", Taejoon asked his younger brother.

Taehyung cleared his throat, "Jam will be fine".

The environment was awkward for them since last night. Taehyung didn't know a way to start a normal conversation. He instead just kept munching the bread which his brother offered him.

"I actually forgot to tell you something"

Taehyung looked at his brother with his mouth full. He quickly grabbed a glass of water and gulped it in one go. "What brother?", He asked.

"We need to go somewhere out of the town today"

Just when Taehyung was going to ask, Taejoon cut him off,"Wear something formal and meet me at 6".

Taejoon wiped his hands and went outside the house for work.

'Out of the town? Where?'




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