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Just Being Jake: Song Lyrics, "Wake Up"

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"Wake Up"


Everyone wake up

Open those blinds up

See life in and out

Through the happiness and the doubts

Verse 1

Hey, hey there open your eyes

Wake up there because you already slept overnight

There's no reason to go and sleep through the day

Even if you go through some of life's dismays

Let your face catch some of those rays

Cuz you still haven't seen life's future phase

Just trust me I've been through life as a witness too

I remember that day I opened the door and looked back

Thinking to myself this world is crazy

But I'd rather not be lazy

I'd rather try to make a difference

Try to get people to feel my emotional statements

They will hopefully feel my words after I've died

They shall hopefully see my days of happiness and the days that I cried

Yeahh man I cried a couple of times, so be it

It doesn't make me any less of a man cuz life happened

I admit I am not the one who lets those tears fall much

I just try to stay up when I feel like I lose touch

Verse 2

I try to stay up because my brother told me keep focused

And they said do what you do and always remain close to the people you love

Cuz sometimes life is rough

You think enough is enough

You just wanna go back to sleep

Cuz it got hard for me to believe

That those clouds touched the ground

And it blinded me in the eyes and left me dumbfound

So while I woke it felt I was roaming through my dreams

Walking on uneven beams

Hoping my balence won't fall short

And that my minds complexity won't be as small as a dorm

I am going to let my mind form through the storms

I am going to let it fly through the air and transform


Everyone wake up

Open those blinds up

See life in and out

Through the happiness and the doubts

Verse 3

Yeah its time for me to walk on these based roots

Feel the origins like I was born in chi town

Have that unique soul

Just like a possession passed down

It lives and carries on for many years

I gotta say my grandmother made me have that antique frame of mind

Cuz I never had a father figure for most of my life

Yeah its sad but so be it

It made me who I am so no complaints here

I have god up in the sky watchin over me

I got friends here and looking out for me

And family here with that everlasting love

With that it provides so my heart won't be anything but above

Verse 4

I'm in for the ride, the ride right on the mountain sides

On the edge at times but I change it up with how I draw the outlines

Find that soul, find that heart and let it be what defines

Place my eyes on the sun right in the middle of the skylines

Just say I am who I am

And make these words, make these sounds for the love

Its exactly how I got the city love

Cuz its the starting origins of which I grew up.

Now its time to grab the key

And unlock this box and let my mind be whats reigning

I got that sun in my eyes

Its time to think past and make this future be what underlies

Make this dream the reality

Soon to be the person who can't be labeled publically


Everyone wake up

Open those blinds up

See life in and out

Through the happiness and the doubts

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