Zreshlie- Just a prank

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Nick's POV

I have known Ashlie for my whole life and now, I wanted to more then friends. I wanted to be her boyfriend. Cory and Tommy keep telling me to tell her now but I'm worry she'll say no. "Nick,  when are you going to tell her?" Cory asked. Cory and I are going to our 5th period, Math class. "When it's a good time" I said to Cory. "Are you serious? You guys have been best friends for 10 years and you won't tell her? Man Nick, you are a moron" Cory said. As we turn a corner, I saw Tommy kissing Ashlie on the neck and Ashlie was telling him to stop. I ran all the and punch Tommy right in the face. Cory was right behind me. Tommy fell to the ground. Ashlie went right into my arm and saying thank you. "Too far, too far" Cory said. "Ow. Freak, it was a joke" Tommy said while standing up. "What?" I asked. "Ashlie, you tell him,  I'm taking Tommy to the clinic" Cory said while helping Tommy. "What are they talking about?" I asked. "We would do this prank that Tommy would fake kiss me and you would stop it but you hit Tommy in the face and I think this prank went too far" Ashlie said looking down. "Why?" I asked. "Because I wanted to know if you love me" Ashlie said. I kiss Ashlie passionately on the mouth. I move away and said "Ashlie, I love you since day one. I always wanted to be your boyfriend". "So, you want to be my boyfriend?" Ashlie asked. "Of course" I said and hug her. I never notice until now that Cory and Tommy were around the corner watching the whole thing. "I know you guys are there" I said. "Dang it. Tommy, you screw us" Cory said. "Freak" Tommy said and came over with Cory behind him. "It's official?" Cory asked. "It's official" I answered. "Finally, you guys admited that you two love each other" Cory said. We all left to our classrooms. I know this was the best day ever.

Hey Lovers. I have a lot to say. 1. I started a new book called 'the devil in us all'. The reason why is because I wanted you guys to read that book while I work on the Living Grounds. 2. I have a lot to do so, I won't have time to reply on any comments. 3. If you have read the last chapter, the messes up one, that was a prank. I prank you guys. How many people did I get? I really wanna1 know. I got inspired to do the prank because of the game Doki Doki Literature Club, when Monika messes with the game and it's just you and Monika. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

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