- Chapter 4 -

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The bell rang and informed that it was time for lunch. I immediately stood up to walk to our school canteen. I was about to leave my seat, but realized that I didn't know the location of the school canteen since I was a new student.

I looked at the seat next to me but Jungkook has already left, so I decided to ask Mr. Min where to go because I didn't want to look like I was chasing Jungkook around and being clingy. Mr. Min told me the directions and said,

"If you get lost in the way, just ask someone again." I thanked Mr. Min and left the class, excited to see Chaeyoung again.

I was walking through the lockers so I could get to the canteen. As I was walking, I saw Park Jihyun and her crew of girls standing so I walked around them to avoid talking or getting into a fight with her. I don't know why but she gives me a bad feeling whenever I see her or stay close to her. I tried my best to speed walk straight to the canteen but guess what, I caught her attention and she called me out.

"Hey! New girl!" she was basically shouting.

Before I got anyone else's attention, I ignored her and acted like I didn't hear her.

I continued walking and soon I heard


I was shocked as she called my name and I unfortunately chose to turn around and face her.

"Oh.. hi.. Um do you need anything?" I tried to be as nice as possible.

"Hey Kim Dahyun, you probably know why I called you, right?" she was looking at me as if she had a lot of things to say.

"Um.. I'm afraid that I don't know what you're talking about.."

I said, again trying to be nice so I didn't create any trouble.

"HAHAha, KIM DAHYUN, you think you can fool me? Do you think I'm dumb?"

"What are you talking abo-"

Jihyun suddenly pushed my shoulders making me fall on my butt.

"You are younger than us right? And you're trying to steal Jungkook from us? You're such a flirt. We know that you're a JYP trainee and if you don't stay away from Jungkook, I will make your life harder. You understand? Don't think that being a JYP trainee can make you do everything, and remember, Jungkook is from BTS and-"

"That's enough Park Jihyun"

At this point, I was about to tear up but suddenly she was cut by someone so I looked up.

I was shocked.

I saw 3 boys looking at me with a worried yet angry expression. One of them started talking

"Park Jihyun, what are you to talk to this girl like that. Quickly apologize."

Two of the other guys were about to help me get up and I was still shocked at who these guys were.

"It's okay, I can get up by myself. Thanks."

I got up and tried to walk away but someone held my wrist to stop me. As that was happening I heard Chaeyoung

"Dahyun, let's go, wait what's happening?".

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