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I dragged my trunk on its wheels behind me as I followed Neville through Diagon Alley.

It was better than any of the movies showed and had such a strong vibe of magic to it.

All the stores and houses were stacked side by side, apart from the occasional side street.

Some of the stores looked familiar but the book didn't describe nearly half of the shops on the street.

I kept trying to drag Neville into every store I saw. Brightly colourful wizards were chirping happily as they walked down the street. Occasionally a few stopped to say hi.

Diagon alley was a lot more colourful than I imagined it to be.

'Neville, where abouts are we going?' I asked curiously.

'First we need to get you a wand.' Neville answered.

That made me feel all giddy inside. A real wand! I've had a fake one before, straight from the movie set, but then one of my younger cousins broke it. Snapped it straight in half. I was so mad I refused to see my cousins for a year after that.

'Here we are,' Neville announced standing in front of what looked like a narrow worn out shop. The paint on the familiar sign was peeling in places.

'Ollivanders!' I whispered amazed.

As Neville opened the door a bell chimed, ringing through the room.

'Mornin',' A middle aged man probably in his 40's greeted warmly, his back was to us as he was busy sorting wands but I could tell this was not Ollivander.

'Um, Neville!' I hissed worriedly. Neville just gave me a confused glance as I gestured to the shop owner. 'Who is that?' I asked under my breath.

'Good Mornin' Mike,' Neville replied walking towards the counter that separated the two.

Finally the man turned around.

Mike has chestnut brown hair and a pale complexion. His eyes are a chocolate brown and he has a sprinkle or freckles over his nose. Also Mike look liked he was starting to gain wrinkles.

'Neville! I thought I'd be seeing you soon, but not this soon! This girl looks a few years too old to be you and Luna's daughter.' Mike said cheerfully causing Neville to blush a bright red.

'No this is uh a family friends daughter, Brooke. Now she'll be needing a wand.' Neville explained his blush slowly fading away.

'And Brooke I'll get the rest of your Hogwarts supplies while you find your wand.' Neville explained before turning on his heel and exiting the shop.

Mike walked over the tall desk and peered over it at me, something flickered in his eyes but it was gone as soon as it came so I wasn't sure if I even saw anything.

'Very nice to meet you Miss Brooke,' Mike kindly greeted.

'You too Mr...?' I trailed off expectantly.

'Suzarite,' Mike answered. 'Now let's get you a wand.' He said clapping his hands together before turning around and examining the endless shelves of wands.

'How about this one,' Mr Suzarite said carefully sliding a box out of one of the shelves and opening it to show a magnificent smooth wand.

'Ash with unicorn core, 11 inches, unyielding.' Mike informed while carefully handing me it.

The want felt cool and smooth in my hands, but it felt rather like my fake wand back at home.

'Go on then, give it wave!' Mike Suzarite encouraged.

Nervously I flicked my wrist causing the wand to fly out of my hand and straight into Mr Suzarite.

'Oops. Guess that's not the right wand for you, Brooke.' Mike said as he placed the box away again.

Grabbing another box from one of the visible shelves Mike inspected it before nodding and opening the box to reveal another wand.

'This one seems right. Pine with unicorn core, 14 inches, pliant.' Mike explained the wand type before handing it over.

The minute the wand made contact with my skin it gave me a giant electrical shock causing me to yelp and drop it to the ground.

'My, my, my that is definitely not the wand for you.' Mr Suzarite said placing the wand away.

Mike examined me for a moment before taking off to the back part of the store.

When he came back he had a frown planted on his features and was carrying another box with him, this one rather dusty.

'Try this one. It's ebony with dragon core, 12 and a half inches, rigid.' He handed me the wand still frowning.

This time as I accepted the wand I could feel the magic flowing through it. I could feel my magic happily working with the wand. It felt sensational.

'Wow,' I breathed in amazement as Neville entered the shop again carrying bags with him, looking very happy.

'I think this is the one,' Mike announced still frowning as Neville payed for the wand.

'That makes sense. Makes sense. That makes sense,' Mike kept muttering to himself.

'Um, what makes sense Mr Suzarite?' I asked curiously.

Mike Suzarite just looked at me strangely before answering with a wistful look on his face.

'You'll find out in due time Brooke, you'll find out in due time.'

I thanked Mr Suzarite for the wand before leaving the store with Neville.

'He's quite strange.' I said thinking about Mike.

'Yeah but he was certainly quite the funny chap during school.' Neville explained.

'Neville thank you for buying all my supplies, but I don't have any money how will I get on when I go back in time and have no one to support me?' I ask cringing slightly at how selfish that sounded.

'Oh don't worry, the ministry has donated a whole lot of money for that. Your rich now, well you're meant to use that money for the mission but you know what I mean. The ministries nearly bankrupt now, we're all relying on you Brooke.' Neville explained before extending his arm gesturing for me to take it.

'Now let's go see McGonagall, it's time for you to go back in time.' Said Neville before we apparated away.

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