*Ray's P.O.V*:

I never seen a girl who is so damn sexy. I mean she doesnt look like a smut and her swagg is flawless. She's a lady and I like it.

Ray: So tell me a little about yourself

Marie: I'm 26 years old

Ray: Damn baby, your young

Marie: *Giggles* I'm a single mom

Ray: Your too beautiful to be single. I mean who in their right mind would leave a beautiful, young, and sexy young lady with a baby and just leave?

Marie: *Starts tearing up* My husband *looks down* left me and my son for another man

Ray: Are you serious? I'm soo sorry baby, I ain't even mean to go there

Marie: It's okay ... its not your fault

Ray: So about your son...

Marie: What about my son?

Ray: Tell meh bout lil man

Marie: I know I just meet you and you seem like a really nice guy  but I don't feel comfortable telling you about my son

Ray: I understand ... I'm glad I meet you tonight, Marie

Marie: I'm glad I meet you too

Ray: If you dont mind I would like to get to know you

Marie: Umm suree ... whats your number??

Ray: 555-0234

Marie: Roger that 

Ray: Well aint you gonna give meh yo number?

Marie: Umm suree its 555-0345

Ray: Aight Shawtie 


*Starr's P.O.V*

The nerve of this nigga. TUH!!!  He thought he was gonna get my number and get some of meh. Pssssshhhhhhhh. I just can't do this shit .... I need to find Re'nae. Oohh ii found her buh her and Issa looks so cute together dancin ... she really needs a break from Roc ... so I guess I have to continue putting up with this jigga boo.

Prod: Hey wait up, Starr

Starr: What  do you want from meh you inncompotent nut??

Prod: I want you 

Starr: No thank you ... maybe a smut would like to take my place

Prod: They are all the same but with you -

Starr: With meh its different cuz I have the looks and qualities in a girl that you want?

Prod: That's exactly what I was gonna say

Starr: If you meet meh in my younger days, you would have had some but I need to show my daughter how to be a boss

Prod: You have a daughter?? how old??

Starr: Yes and it's none of your damn business

Prod: Look, let me show you that I'm different

Starr: Aight .... prove it

Prod: Tommorrow night we-

Starr: I don't do Saturdays or Sundays

Prod: How about next week thurs-

Starr: I work 5 days a week

Prod: Then when can we get together?

Starr: How bout you give meh your number and I'll call you

Prod: Sure thing it 445-9405

Starr: Roger that .... I'll call you when I have time off 

Prod: Okay ... I look  forward to seeing you

Starr's thought: Dumbass mothafucker .... I aint callin you

Prod's thought:  I got her right where I want her... if she wanna play games then fuck it ..... let the games begin.


Re'Nae P.OV:

Issa is a great dancer and I love the look on Roc's face. I see Starr and she looks soo fuckin miserable  so I guess that's a signal for us to go.

*Re'nae looks at Issa*

Re'nae: Issa?

Issa: Yea baby??

Re'nae: I think I gotta go home

Issa: Why babe??

Re'Nae: It doesnt look like Starr is havin a good time

Issa: Aight bae but let me come home with you tonight *kisses her*

Re'Nae: I know you want to but to be honest .... I'm not ready for you to come home wit me tonight

Issa: It's aight babe .... I'll be around you soo much that its like I practically live with yall

*Re'nae takes Issa by the hand*

Re'nae: Let's go


Gabby's P.O.V:

Oh god this negro still stalkin meh

Prince: Hold up mamaita

Gabby: Umm..

Prince: Look I'm sorry Gabby ... its just that I like you alot

Gabby: Look I dont want you

Prince: I like you so much *gets caught in the moment and kisses her*

Gabby: *Slapped Prince* The hell is your problem?? 

Prince: What is your problem??

Gabby: You jus kissed me 

Prince: I'm soo sorry ... I didnt mean to .... its just that I got in the moment


Roc's P.O.V:

She bout to make me lose my cool. She know she my wife and Imma fuck her up

*Walks up to Re'Nae and slaps her to the ground*

Everyone: What the fuck did you do?

Starr: *Knock's Roc out* The hell is yo problem bruh

Issa: Come on ... I'll take yall home



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