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JuneSteels: I'm home. I know people will get angry at me because they care but I just want you to know a few things. Being in such a public relationship isn't easy. You guys know I wasn't a good place those years and my actions weren't the result of Harry's actions. Whatever happened between us is in the past. I am happy now and I am in a better place. I will never put myself in a toxic situation. We took a break, a break that almost lasted 2 years. We are both very awake now. We are both very sure of what we want now. Things we didn't before because we started dating so young. I hope you guys stand with me on this. I am happier than I have ever been. I can't force my love on any one else believe me I tried. I am not stupid for trying this again.


@KateLong: god please for how long this time?

@SteelsFans: Kate fuck off pls

@WWdirectioners: this picture just became my life

@harrystyles: happy your heart found its way back.

@Jarry4Ever: ^ sobbing

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