"Poor losers."

I know he heard me, although he doesn't say anything.

Tall girl lifts her eyes and looks in our direction. She takes us both in, first William then me, before a sly smile curls her lips and she gestures with one finger for us to come.

"She's the model!"

"She can be whatever she wants," I say and drink the rest of the beer. "I know that smile, so I'm going there. Might as well have some fun while being here."

"Well now, it's good to know that from time to time something smart comes out of that fat mouth, Shelton."

"Fuck off, Price."



As we are finishing our cocktails, Enrique's "Bailando" starts blasting from the speakers.

Anabel shrieks in excitement and starts tugging me to the dance floor. I give in. After all, I like Enrique. He's sexy with his chocolate eyes, messy hair, and scruffy cheeks.

Closing my eyes, I let the music take me in.

I love to dance. Whatever type of dance, I'm not picky.

Letting the music haul me into a world where nothing matters, nothing but taking the next step and letting go.

Of everything.

When I open my eyes the last thing I'm expecting is to see a pair of light eyes staring at me. A slow shudder spreads through my body.

The guy's big. Bigger than me in high heels and that is hard to find. He stands out in the crowd like the light that shines through the darkness. His body is muscular, broad shoulders filling nicely his dark dress shirt. His hair is short and dark, a few days' old stubble is hiding his cheekbones and square jaw making perfect contrast with his light eyes. I could even bet that when those full lips curl into a smile, dimples appear.

Then I see his friend. Maybe a couple of inches shorter but equally well-built, with dark hair and dark eyes piercing into Anabel's back.

I smile and crook my finger at them. Silently inviting them to join us.

"What are you doing?" Anabel asks warily.

"Giving you what you wanted."

And I hope I'm not lying. She was blabbing about this guy she runs into even after we left the bathrooms. She gave me a few traits—good looking, tall, dark hair, and eyes—a description that matches a lot of guys in this place, but the guy staring at her definitely looks like a winner to me.

Big hands circle around me to rest on my stomach, pulling me into a big, warm, all-male body. I tilt my head and look up. Only a few inches separate me from those light, deep-set, sea-green eyes. A small smile plays on his lips, and I think I see a hint of a dimple on his right cheek.

"Hey, gorgeous," he murmurs in my ear.

His voice is husky and deep, the perfect bedroom voice. The one that sends tingles all over a woman's body and makes panties grow damp in mere seconds.

"That's the best line you've got?" I ask him, laughing softly.

My laughter soon dies when I feel his hand pulling me closer to him, closing the small distance that was left between our bodies. So close that I can feel his hard body behind me, sliding to the beat of the music, but also making me feel his hard erection pressing into my butt.

"I've got a lot of lines, babe," he murmurs into my ear. His stubble brushing against my exposed skin as his lips trace down my neck. "But I don't want to play tonight, and I have a feeling you don't want it, either."

Leaning into him, I brush my body against his. He groans as my butt presses at his crotch. My own moan wants to escape, but I bite my lower lip to prevent it from coming out.

Turning around in his arms, I cup the nape of his neck with one hand while the other is pressed on his chest.

"You are right," I tell him softly. "I don't feel like playing games."

I move a little to see his reaction.

We stare at each other for a few seconds, although it seems like much longer, and then his lips close over mine. The first kiss is tentative, short and sweet, but it quickly deepens. His lips are devouring mine.



His tongue seeks entrance into my mouth, which I gladly give into, meeting him halfway. Caressing him in a way that seems more primal than even sex has ever felt before.

He overwhelms all my senses. He is all I can think about, all I can feel and smell. We are closed in our own world, away from reality.

Slowly, so painfully slowly, we break our kiss.

Both of us panting.

"You want to go somewhere else?" he asks. His voice rough and filled with passion.

I look over my shoulder.

Anabel is dancing with his friend. She seems like she is in good hands, for now. I start turning back when I catch a glimpse of the guy's face.

"Your friend is William Price?"

"Is that a problem?" His green eyes slightly narrow as he looks at me carefully.

"Not for me, but my friend ... She is new here, so she probably doesn't know him."

"Even better, it's not easy to be well-known around here."

"Tell me something I don't know ..." I murmur to myself. "So, I guess you are one of his teammates?"

"Yes." He is still eyeing me suspiciously. What the hell does he think I'll do with that information? It's not like I care about what he does for a living. Hell, I'm as popular and rich as any of them. "J.D. Shelton."

"Sienna Roberts."


"One and only." I smile at him. "Now if the offer still stands, we should get out of here."

Without another word, he turns around, dragging me behind him. We exit the warmth of the club into the cold November night going toward J.D.'s car.

"Where to?" he asks in a low voice once we get inside of his car.

"I know a place." I give him the address of Lisa's apartment above the bookshop where I spend time while I'm in town and don't feel like driving to the city.

I get my phone out and text Anabel: Went out with the guy. Text you when I'm back. Have fun!! Xx S

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