Chapter Thirteen

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" Malik! For fuck's sake tell me what's happening here?! " I asked Malik when we reached a mysterious place.

The place seemed like a vault of a castle or something that way. It had a lot of dust, and I had never been in something that way before.

" Well, your life is in danger now. I knew that it wouldn't happen but I didn't expect it to be this fast. From now on, you should watch your back properly. I won't leave you alone, but you have to stay guarded too. " said Malik and I gave him a confused face.

" All you have to do is let it go. You don't have to understand. Just obey! " he said and carried me, then started walking.

" What the fuck? " I yelled when I saw people around us.

Each one of them had an aura worse than the other. One of the men there had brown hair and green eyes. For some reasons, I felt a strange bond with him. I didn't know what was going, and I was feeling weird to say the least.

" Malik! I swear if you don't explain, I will make you pay badly. This whole thing is pissing me off. " I warned.

Malik rolled his eyes and said " What will you do?! "

" I will just...... Ugh! I can do...... Well! I can do nothing, but still. You have to explain. " I replied annoyed.

" Brianna! Just shut up for now! I'll explain when I have a way to. Okay? " he said and I smiled and nodded.

" OK. " I kept swinging my body while saying it.

" One more thing! " said Malik.

" What?! " I asked raising an eyebrow.

" Stay with me all the time. Don't talk to someone except when I tell you. " he ordered and I obeyed nodded.

Malik smirked and then started walking with me following. My eyes found the brown haired man again and he was looking at me with a blank expression. I had a feeling that I had seen him before, but I chose to ignore.

I followed Malik to a strange room. A guy was there sitting on a table. Malik entered with a smirk. He looked at the guy and then said " I see you have done a good job, Seth. "

The guy - Seth - looked exactly like Malik. Well, except for the truth that Seth had a slim body while Malik had a well- built one. They were different in the tattoos also. Seth had a tattoo on his face under his right eye to be exact.

" Of course, I have done a good job. I may be young but I am still better than you. " said a reality cocky Seth. I found myself rolling my eyes at his ego.

" Who is the fine lady with you? She has nice legs to be honest. " said Seth and I wanted to slap him really badly.

" Don't talk about my girl that way, if you want to see the light. " said Malik possessively.

' So he was truly serious. Wait! What did I expect after what happened yesterday?! I am obviously irresistible. ' I thought as I mentally hair flipped.

" Possessive much! " said Seth.

He started walking towards us, and I took a step closer to Malik. I mentally cursed myself. Malik smirked a little and I slapped myself mentally.

" Anyway, hey hottie! What's your name? " asked Seth.

" Well, sir, you should introduce yourself before asking for my name, am I correct? " I said smiling while Malik was smirking.

" Of course, you are correct. Where are you manners?! I am Seth Rollins, Malik's friend. And you? " he asked me.

" Aubrianna Mason. "

" It is nice to meet you. "

" You too. "

" I wonder what is a lady like you doing with such a man with Malik. " said Seth.

" Seth, I swear to God if you don't shut up now, you won't be able to see the light of the day. " said a very possessive Malik holding Seth's neck.

" Okay, okay. Calm down! " said Seth getting away from Malik's grip.

" Okay! So Seth your mission of taking my place is now completed. I got what I wanted, and now I have to go back to my responsibilities. " stated Malik.

" Yes, boss!" obeyed Seth.

I looked at Malik and he was looking back at me. I was waiting for a reply for all my questions. I didn't know what was going on.

" Okay! So what the hell is happening? " I asked Malik causing him to smirk.

" Welcome in my gang. As you can say, I am the boss. " said Malik and my jaw dropped.

" Fuck my life. "

" Malik! Can you please tell me what have I gotten myself into? " I asked.

" You don't have to know. You are safe as long as you are with me. You are mine and no body messes with what's mine. I guess, now you know how did I know so much about you. "

" Well, to be honest, I don't know. But just one thing Malik, and please answer me honestly! How did you that a girl like me existed?! I don't remember meeting you at all, and I am cute sure you don't go to school, or has anything to do with my world. Then how?! " I asked him.

I was truly confused. How did he know me and that u existed?! There were tons of girls in our city, and I wasn't rich or anything to be special.

" Well, let's just say that I have met you once when you were a little kid. You knew nothing about who I am, but you walked with me normally. That's how I knew about you. " with his response that made me shocked.

When I was young?! Did he still remember me?! How did he know that I would be there?? Wait! Could he be stalker?! Oh my God! And when did that happen?! Mom and dad were always with me! What the hell was he talking about?!

" How come I don't remember anything about it?! " I asked and he smirked and then said " Because I want to. "


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