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memories sneak out
of my eyes
and roll down
my cheeks

"This is the room, and like you can see the cleaning utensils are already laid there for you. If you need anything else ask me or some other maid." Larissa explained to Heaven. "Thank you." She thanked her before the latter left the room. Heaven took this as an opportunity to look around. The room was very big and it had wide windows as well. In the middle of the room you can see a huge king size bed with black silk sheets.

The room in general was black. The walls, sheets, furniture and even the carpet. 'Seems like his favorite color is black.' Heaven thought to herself. Heaven also noticed that this room didn't contain of any photos. No photos of him or his family. Nothing. Hell Heaven's whole apartment was filled with maybe 1000 photos.

She loved to hold memories in frames. Especially those of little Zachy. He was her happiness in this world. Nothing was more important to her. Before him it was his father, but after what he did to her, she forced herself to forget him. That didn't work out, but Zachy replaced all the sad memories with happy ones. Now she was thankful that at least after all this heart break, she had Zachy in the end.

He was her biggest treasure.


"He's calling, Fiona!" Heaven screamed at the top of her lungs. "Omg, what do I do?" She was very nervous. "Answer him, dumbass!" Her friend replied sassily. "H-Hello?" She mentally scolded herself for stuttering. "Heaven?" Her heart began thudding faster after hearing his beautiful deep voice. "Answer him!" Her friend whisper-yelled at her. "Yes?" She replied nervously. „I hope you haven't forgotten about me." He chuckled deeply. Like the person Fiona is she made a fake faint at hearing his laugh, which made Heaven roll her eyes.

"I would never!" Heaven stated quickly. "Well, how about we meet?" He recommended. Fiona nodded her excitedly as if she's the one who's being invited out by him. "O-ok, where?" Heaven agreed. "Come to the hotel, we've met in last time. It's better we stay inside, I don't need the paparazzi following us." He stated. "When?" "In an hour would be good." He said. "I'll be there!" Heaven said excitedly smiling to herself. "See you, princess!" He said before ending the call, making Heaven blush hard at the nickname he called her.

"Omg!" Fiona shouted jumping up and down on Heaven's bed. Suddenly the door swung open and in came Heaven's mean aunt Jocelyn. "What is going here?!" She asked furiously. "Nothing!" Both said together. "It's just that Fiona is scared of flies, so she screamed when she saw one!" Heaven made up a lie. "That's true! Those stupid annoying flies, I hate them!" Fiona quickly agreed to Heaven's lie. "Hmm..." the middle aged woman looked at both of them suspiciously, but let it slide, and went out of the room.

"Pfew, that was close!" Heaven let out her breath she didn't know she was holding. "Sorry!" Fiona apologized. "It's ok, but the bigger problem right now is what do I wear?" Heaven whined.

~After some time~

Dressed in a beautiful blue summer dress that ended just above her knee, with her brown waves dangling to her waist, Heaven entered the luxurious hotel. This time it wasn't empty. People mingled in the big lobby chatting with each other, and workers carrying luggages and helping people out.

Heaven scanned the room for a certain someone, but when she didn't find him she decided to go to the reception and ask them. "Excuse me?" She spoke to the receptionist. "How can I help you?" She asked her smiling.
"Can you tell me where Killian Black is?" Heaven asked while fiddling with the hem of her blue dress nervously. "Heaven!" Someone called her. She turned around to see the source of the voice. It was a young man with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. "Yes?" She replied. "I will escort you to Mr. Black." He said guiding Heaven to the elevators.

"How did you know, that I'm Heaven?" She asked curiously. "I heard you asking about him." He shrugged. 'Of course he heard you, dumbass!' Heaven scolded herself ashamed from her stupid question. But she wasn't to be blamed. She was nervous. Everyone would be nervous if he's about to spend the day with his favorite star. She was his fan from the very beginning of his career. It was her dream to meet him.

They finally made it to Killian's room. The young man knocked on the wooden door and waited until the door finally opened. Killian stood in just some grey sweatpants and his torso on whole display, making Heaven's eyes widen and her cheeks turn a dark shade of red. "Come in!" He motioned Heaven inside. She did, but she kept her head down not wanting him to see her flushed face. "You can go now." He said to the young man before closing the door.

Heaven heard shuffling but didn't dare to look up. "I'm dressed now, if that makes you more comfortable." He smirked at her. Heaven finally lifted her head up to see him in a white shirt smirking at her. "Are you going to stand there all day?" He asked coming closer to her. "W-what will we do?" She stuttered. "I don't know. Have some fun. Watching a film maybe." He answered. "Can I ask you a question?" She said. "Sure!" "Why are you doing this?" She found the courage to finally ask. It confused her as to why he wants to hang out with her when he barely knows her.

"Do what?" He raised one of his perfect brows. "Hanging out with me, when you barely know me. I mean you're a big star." She replied truthfully. "Just because I'm a star doesn't mean that I can't get to know new people and hang out with them. I don't know why, but I have the urge to get to know you better." He told her smiling.

She smiled back. "Now what's your favorite film?" He changed the subject.
It made Heaven extremely happy, that someone had the urge to know her better, and not someone, it's Killian Black.

~End of Flashback~

Heaven was exhausted after all the work she's done today. The room she had to clean was huge it took her hours to clean it and the bathroom attached to it. There was even a dressing room. After she finished with her boss' son's room, she had to clean his office as well. The office was even bigger. So finally after 4 hours of working she was resting in the room they gave her and Zachy.

Zachy was napping beside her on the queen size bed. 'At least he's happy.' She thought to herself. Someone knocked on her door making her get up from the bed to open it. "Heaven, you have to come and greet Mr. Black. He came earlier than expected." Georgina informed her happily. The smile never left the face of this woman. It seems like she loved him a lot. "I'll be there in a minute. Just let me fix myself up." She said closing the door.

Heaven was nervous, she didn't know why. She had a nagging feeling in her stomach. Maybe it was because of the last name of her boss. The oh so familiar last name brought sad but also happy memories to her. After fixing herself she kissed her son on the forehead before leaving the room making her way to the huge living room.

"Ah, look, son. That's our new maid! Heaven." Mrs. Black announced. The man who was standing with his back to her slowly turned around. Heaven's smile faded after she saw the familiar man who was now facing her.

Nothing but silence could be heard.



End of chapter 4

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