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JuneFanSteels: omg June wrote little stories in her book. Things that really happened. I have been crying for an hour since I read this. I can just see her say this to him.

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@JuneSteels: 💕

@WWdirectioners: omg June.

@SteelsFans: she is so strong

@harrystyles: so strong

@KateJuneHarryInsta: this edit though

So guys I decided to write unfiltered from June's view! I will begin writing it when I'm finished with this story so something to look forward to. But but but I need a big favor from you guys. Is someone here good with photoshop and could edit the book cover from lily collins to June Steels. I have been thinking I need a new cover for this story too :( if someone wants to be my big hero.. please help me 😂 I want something cool and edgy but I'm really bad with photoshop. Someone or some people that can help me with This?

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