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Disclaimer: this includes depression and sadness so if you don't like that type of content then i suggest you go read something else for the time being!!:)
You were making a video, to post on your music video app, you liked this app particularly because of the fact that you can spam and make audio videos to whatever sounds you wanted, but most of those sounds were depressing sounds.

You posted a particular video that seemed to lean on the side of someone leaving the world, and someone who realized that's what happened, they started to cry for them to see if it was true.

In the audio, it had the sound of eleven from stranger things tend to say "goodbye mike" and then after a little bit of the background song, then you heard mike go "El where are you?! Eleven?! El..?!"

Little did you know, that your boyfriend, Wyatt, had got that app to check up on what you post. he's a very protective person and he didnt want any nasty ass guys commenting or saying some shit about you.

Wyatt soon found that video...and he got the memo of what it was supposed to mean. he ready your caption "little do you know...those words can hurt and cost someone a life...i hope you're happy once you see i'm gone.." and he got extremely worried and angry that you didnt talk to him about any of this that you are going through.

So he, himself, walked down the stairs and found you on the couch, crying silently. Once you saw him, you wiped your tears and pretended to be okay.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going through this Y/N?" Wyatt asked you with a sad and concerned voice.

"B-Because i didn't want you to get mad at your fans or those kids at school..." you confessed.

"Baby..." he hugged you tight. "If it was too protect you, i would of course get mad at them for your sake. but you need to start talking to me, i'm here for you and i love you."

You cried into his shoulder as he hugged you tightly. he rubbed your back and it soothed you, you eventually calmed down enough to where you could speak to him.

"'s just so's almost costing my life..." you looked at him and his face dropped.

He was angry, yes, and he was also so sad inside. he roughly kissed you to get his anger out.

He put his hands on your waist and wrapped your arms around his neck as he gently laid you down on the couch.

After a few minutes he pulled away and looked you in the eyes. he held your waist tighter.

"Don't ever, keep stuff like that from me again. If i lose you, i lose my whole world. i-i can't make it here without you baby...i just love you so so much and i will always protect you." He kissed you softly one last time.

You nodded and smiled at him. "I love you so much Wy...i'm not going anywhere."

He smiled and you two cuddled up on the couch, got some warm, comfy ass blankets, and just sat there netflix binging the whole night.

Which eventually ended up you sleeping ontop of him in his bed oop-

\\ A/N: Well i hope y'all liked this, i thought why not cuz it was an idea that seemed cute and fun to write sooo here it is ;))

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