“You’re holding the sign upside down again!” Evelyn screeched into my ear.  “Do your job right, or I’m going to hire someone with more potential—a monkey would do.”

I grumbled under my breath, twisting the sign within my hands to face the correct way.  Or maybe I was now holding it sideways.  I had no idea.  It’s not like I could actually see.  I mean, it was rather difficult when I was dressed up as a chicken.

Yes, I Cassidy Williams, was dress in a full body chicken costume.

Let’s just say I was really desperate for a job.

“Clucky’s, come on in to Clucky’s!” I shrieked at the top of my lungs.  Saying that I was grateful that I was blind in this costume would be an understatement.  It would be so embarrassing to see people’s expressions while I did this.

Mira, Faith, and I looked for every job that we could for the past two weeks.  All the good jobs called for college experience, but the fact that I was in college didn’t seem to fly with the employers.  And, on top of that, I couldn’t work at Wendy’s, or McDonalds because I couldn’t cook.

So, naturally, I took the first job that I could find that would accept me.

Sure, I had to dress up like a chicken and shriek about how much people should buy fried chicken even though it was seriously bad for your health, but at least it was money, right?  Very little money, but still.  Money. 

Ah, what the hell was I kidding myself for?  This job sucked ass.  I was only on my third day and I felt like blowing up the building with my boss inside.  Evelyn was even worse than Aunt Cara.  I didn’t think that was possible, but it was.  Sean’s suggestion—kissing people for a job—was looking pretty good right now.  Do you know how sad that was?  Sean’s suggestion looking good?  Especially when it was a suggestion that involved kissing someone?  Yeah, pretty damn sad.

“Hey, Beautiful,” came an irritating voice.

I inwardly groaned.  He was never going to let this go.  “Go away, Sean!” I hissed, tempted to whack him with the sign.  “I told you not to come.”

“Well, there’s no doubt that it’s you in there, Cassidy,” Sean drawled.  I felt his arm curl around my shoulders.  “Say cheese!”

I glared as I heard a click.  Damn him.  “Delete the picture!” I squawked.

“Squawking like an actual chicken, are we?” Sean mused.  “I see you really get into your part.  Why didn’t you take a class in acting?”

“Come on, Sean, seriously,” I said wearily, shaking his arm off.  “If Evelyn comes out here—”



The next thing I knew, my chicken head was being ripped off, and Evelyn became visible.  She was glaring, her free hand on her hip.  She was probably only a few years older than me, which was weird seeing how she was my boss.  The girl probably didn’t even go to college.  It wouldn’t surprise me. 

“Bringing boyfriends to your work isn’t tolerated,” she hissed, flicking her wrist to push stray brunette strands out of her face.  Her hair was in two braids, which I would normally find cute, but she was too intimidating to be placed in that category.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I muttered before I could stop myself.

“Yeah, yeah okay,” Evelyn snapped.  Her gaze snapped in Sean’s direction.  Immediately her eyes softened.  Oh gosh.  I did not want my boss crushing on Sean.  It was only going to make her more intolerable.

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