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"You're mine. That's what it means."

The intensity in his green eyes made her heart stutter.

Eva rubbed her face with her hands. The heavy load of information she was just handed was trying to settle in her brain. At the same time, she was trying to keep up with Adrian's constant change of attitude. First, he's calm, then angry, and now possessive.

His body looked stiff, charged with energy. Eva shuddered when she recalled what happened last time Adrian released all that energy. Adell got his face re-decorated.

While the sight had been absolutely mortifying, it was also enthralling. His body moved with deadly precision, his attacks were calculated and executed within seconds. He was like a bolt of lightning- powerful and destructive yet quick and precise. He was gone before you even realized he was there.

Eva wondered if he was an alpha.

"Miller, I don't know what you mean by that. You people need to dumb things down for me" Eva sighed.

"He did simplify it for you actually, there's no easier way to explain it. Mates were biology's way to ensure that werewolves reproduced. All werewolves have a mate, usually other werewolves. It's possible to have a human one but that's rare. Accepting your mate is very rewarding, they tend to be loyal companions. Rejection is very damaging, it's impossible to have an offspring with anyone but your destined mate. Rejection rarely happens though since they feel a strong physical and emotional attraction to one another. Physically, pleasurable sparks are triggered upon touch and-"

Zena stopped talking once Eva started to wave her arms around, signaling her to stop.

"So what you're trying to get at is that I'm Adrian's mate?" Eva asked. Zena slowly nodded "Yes, that's correct."

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't feel these sparks you speak of. He must've mistaken me for someone else," she declared stubbornly.

"That's normal, it's because you're human. You will feel them once he marks you."

"Marking? Is he going to p*ss on my d*mn leg? I don't think so. You people have reached your limit of crazy for today, I'm going to bed" Eva got off the couch and walked to the guest room she was staying in. She made sure to avoid looking at Adrian as she turned.

While she felt like she was being a complete b*tch to the people who trusted her enough to share a very personal part of them with her, she knew she wasn't out of line by being angry. She had just met Adrian and they were already suggesting that she had babies with the man.

She laid in bed and stared at the ceiling.

All of Adrian Miller, for myself?

She thought about his enchanting green eyes, his temper, and the addicting peace and safety she felt whenever she was in his arms.

The thought of his arms led to her thinking about his firm muscles. She pulled a mental image of his sculptured body and buried her face in a pillow once her thoughts drifted to a very particular organ in a very particular southern area.

D*mn it all to hell.

She heard a door slam somewhere in the house. The violent sound was followed by Zena's growl.

"Adrian stop breaking my houses!"


"Well, happy birthday," Zya said hours later. The two sisters were in the kitchen, discussing Zya's life while in Jersey.

Zena looked at the clock on the wall and realized that it was 12AM.

"Thanks, Zy. I'm really considering canceling the celebration, we're dealing with too much already. Your shift, Adell, the rogues, Adrian breaking literally everything that I own," Zena sighed and drank from her cup.

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