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Now I know what you're thinking, what does this elf maiden of Valinor have to tell you that you haven't heard before. Well I'll tell you... in a moment. Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room, though.

What's an elephant?

Big, grey...

Whatever. We'll get to that eventually.

Basically I'm here to explain, finally, in great detail, why I'm considered so strange by those around me. Many stories have floated around about what and who I am, and most of them hold some grain of truth. I'm not from Valinor, or I wasn't at first. I certainly never expected to end up in Valinor. In fact I had hoped to see my mother again when... well you see, to really tell you my story we must start at the beginning. Or the end, I suppose.

Are you intrigued now? Good. Because very few know all I am about to tell, and most of them, are, well, gone.

It started late one winter night...

"Hurry up, Eve!"

A tall young woman, brown haired and brown eyed, called to her friend as they headed towards an exit of the bustling bar they occupied. The one called Eve stood a few inches shorter than the first with auburn hair and amber and brown eyes that caught the flashing lights around them.


"We're coming, Sophia!" With a smirk, Eve pulled their third companion alongside them.

Christopher, tall, dark, brooding - and their designated driver - followed Eve and Sophia with as much happiness as he could muster. All three college students, studying at University together, had gone out for a night of drinking to celebrate Eve's 21st birthday, and of course, New Year's Eve. Considering the closest bar was definitely not within walking distance, and being short on money as college students are wont to be, Christopher had volunteered to go sober and thus avoid a taxi fee.

Eve, clutching her beer in one hand and dragging Christopher with the other, caught up with Sophia just outside. The night, frigid, caught the girls by surprise as they held their coats on their arms and not on their bodies.

"Crap it's cold," Eve muttered as Christopher took her beer. She struggled to get her black coat onto her arms, still inebriated enough to cause wobbling. After fumbling around with her zipper, she glared at her male companion. She grabbed the beer bottle. "Give that back right now, Christopher."

"I didn't take a drop!" He protested this to her loudly.

Sophia cringed. "Shhhh. God, you're loud."

Bright stars twinkled above them as they marched to his black car. It was small, snug for the back passengers. Since it was Eve's birthday, Sophia let her have the front seat despite her intimate relationship with their designated driver. They had been dating for a year now, and still remained the best of friends with Eve.

"You both reek of liquor," Christopher muttered as he made sure their seatbelts clicked on. "Don't throw up in this car. I just had it cleaned."

"Yes sir, captain!" Sophia chuckled wildly, sending him a kiss blown from her open palm.

Eve grinned and pointed forward. "Engage, Commander."

"En-what?" Christopher burst out laughing. "You've been watching too much Star Trek, Eve."

As she protested that there was never such a thing as too much Trek, Christopher started the car, turned up the heat, blasted the bluetooth music from his phone, and pulled out onto the main road.

Sophia fell asleep nearly immediately as the car drove down the road. With each passing street light, Eve felt drowsier. And so it was that on the fifth light, it caught her by complete surprise when the other car sped towards them and toward its own red signal. It was New Year's Eve after all, and drunk drivers, unfortunately, were commonplace.

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