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"I think you've had too much beer."

Taehyung chuckled amusedly, snatching the beer bottle out from the boy's hand, a little concerned now.

"I'm serious, if I were a pickle-"


The brunette wondered how Jungkook had gotten so wasted over a bottle of beer, to be honest, he still didn't even know why he was here; in this house, eating pasta?

He felt like there was always something held back, things that'd linger in his mind, his lips parted to speak but he seemed to be at loss for words, he was unaware of the weird fluttering of his heart.

There was always that doubt, that maybe this was all some game. Isn't that what the boy was most known for, to play the weak.

Lost. He was so lost.


Jungkook whines, his molten eyes somewhat vulnerable and pleading as he tugged at the brunettes sleeve.

"Kiss me."

Taehyung blinks, his eyes blank as he flicks the male's forehead, the boy was delusional.

"No, you've had enough of me."

Jungkook frowns, his eyebrows creasing as his lips puckered, he leans forward, eyes dazed as they stare at the other boy's lips.

"I can never have enough of you."

Taehyung unfazed pushes the boy's head away, well aware of his drunken state.

He's drunk, and I need answers.

It couldn't be like this, going back and forth.

The male cups the raven-haired male's cheeks, his doe eyes slightly wavering, throat tight heart aching because he was so unsure of the answer he'd be given.

"Tae?" Jungkook muffles out barely, his cheeks still squished. The brunette's gaze is stern, he licks his lips feeling a tension arise.

"What are we?"

The crestfallen expression on Jungkook's face was enough to make the boy's heart sink to the very pit of his stomach.

"We are halfway." The male pushes away Taehyung's hands off of his face, his eyes unreadable as he faces away from the other.

"Half boyfriend?" Jungkook mumbles, his unsure tone only breaking the brunette further.

"Half boyfriend?" Jungkook mumbles, his unsure tone only breaking the brunette further

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"Half of you, that's all I'll ever get?"

Taehyung chuckles breathlessly, his eyes stung a little, he bit his lips hard, hard enough to draw blood, the boy shakes his head, disappointment swimming in his eyes.

How could he forget, the deal that they had made? This was what this was, a deal nothing more.

"It was my mistake." Taehyung stood up, his heart heavy as he walked down the corridor towards the door.

Am I being too sensitive?

He didn't know where he was, but it didn't matter he needed to get out of here, it was suffocating this feeling of longing for something more than just lust.

To Jungkook all it was, was the lust, of course, how was he any different.

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