On the day of homecoming I straighten my hair and put on minimal makeup, and then after stressing and a slight anxiety attack, I head into the living room for mom and Mike to see the big reveal of my look for the night.

They get teary-eyed and take way too many photos, but rather than get annoyed I'm just happy with their reaction. 

"You're gorgeous, Mitchell!" Mom squeals.

"You have fun and be careful tonight, okay young lady? I want you back in one piece" Mike scolds. 

I feel some of my anxiety wash out of my body when Mike calls me "Young Lady."

"Yes, Sir." I reply politely.

He nods and I head out to meet up with all of my friends at the homecoming football game. I wasn't as much thrilled for the actual game as I was for hanging out with my friends and going to the dance afterwards, but I didn't want another minute to go to waste.

"I'll see you guys!" I say to my parents as I make my way out the door.


The car ride isn't very long, but it still gives me enough time to totter in my anxiety. 

"Mitch? You okay?"

I snap out of thoughts on the many ways tonight could go wrong. 

"I'm okay." I say shyly.

"Then why are you so quiet, huh? I thought you were excited about tonight."

I try to perk up a bit. "No I am excited, I promise. And thank you for taking me to homecoming."

Scott laughs. "Well, technically you're taking me because you're the one who asked me to be their date."

I genuinely smile at the smirk on Scott's face and the beautiful sound of his laugh. 

"Well that's because you weren't going to ask me, so I had to take matters into my own hands."

Scott gives a playful scoff. "Well excuse me for not being into sports or boring school dances."

I smack his shoulder lightly. "Rude."

He laughs loudly and I roll my eyes.

His hand grazes my leg and finds my fingers to intertwine between his own. "But seriously, babe. I could have fun anywhere doing anything as long as it's with you."

"Ew, stop. You're so perfect."


Scott, Kirstie, Nicole and I all leave the game half-way through out of boredom. 

I couldn't be bothered to figure out what was going on or how football worked, but our school's team was losing anyway.

We spent most of the time during the game talking about being hungry and we decided that milkshakes sounded good.

Jeremy stayed back because he got super into the game, which pissed Kirstie off. She was moping around by the time we made it to Steak 'N Shake to get milkshakes before the dance. I felt bad for her but I was just happy that Scott and I could stop pretending that we're just friends now.

At least, I didn't get the vibe that Nicole would judge us for acting like a couple like Jeremy supposedly would. 

"If it makes you feel any better Kirst, I don't have a date either because Mitch flaked out on me." Nicole joked. 

"Shh, Nikki! You know I love you most." I said, giving her a kissy face. 

Scott frowned. "Wow, I'm hurt."

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