Episode 7: Thinking

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"Ok, BOYS!!!" she yelled for them.
Then to boys came down stairs. "Boys this is you cousin, (y/n)." I met eyes with one of the boys. "You're my cousin?!" we both yelled.

"You're my cousin!? Mom why didn't you tell me!?" he asked in a shaky voice.

"Dear.... Please be nice to Y/n. She's you cousin, after all! Please treat her like if she was the sister you've always wanted!" said auntie smiling bright at him.

"Ugggg, but mom. She's......" he didn't get to finish his sentences since his Mother stopped him. Her smile dropped as she began to speak.

"Min Yoongi! That's enough! Treat her with respect do you here me!" she said in a stern voice.

He rolled his eyes and went back to his room. Auntie sighed and gave me a sad smile and walked to my other cousin. She whispered something into his ear and walked away.

"Hi! My name I'm Min Woozi " he said with a genuine smile. I looked at him for a moment and gave a small simile back. "You will be staying in my room. I'm gonna stay in my moms room since she will be going on a business trip for a couple of years. She'll be back tho!" he said kinda happy but upset.

"I'm sure she'll come back!" I said. He nodded his head enthusiastically.

Jungkook POV
I sat there in my bed. Thinking about Y/n. She had give me our first kiss. I looked at the other side of the room and saw the stuff bunny. "What you looking at!" I called more loudly than needed.

After staring and talking about her, her image popped into my head. Just thinking of her is making me want more. Her tempting lips in my mind was driving me crazy.

I sat up in my bed. Then I stood up and got dressed. I walked outside of my room to the outside of the house. I started to walk down the street and unexpectedly I made it to the house where I dropped her off.

"What am I doing she's just a toy!?" I screamed at myself. During that whole walk her image kept popping into my head. Non stop. Every minute, I saw her. "What is she doing to me!? Your just a toy! Just another Toy!" I kept repeating to my self as I walked back to the house.

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