She pointed to a doll,

With black braids,

And asked

"Where did he touch you?"

The girl looked at the doll

And pointed to the spot

In between her legs

Where her innocents once was.

Where her pride

Once stood whole

But was taken out

By the bad man

In the cold cell

That she called dad.

The next day

Was her trial.

She walked into a room

Full of colors.

A rainbow to to the left

And animals all around the room.

But in the right corner,

Was a camera

Watching her,

Like her father once did.

The people told her

She needs pills to be happy.

Let me inform you that

This girl didn't want pills

To be happy.


This girl didn't want a stranger

To talk to anymore.

This girl

Stopped the pills

And allowed her tongue

And teeth

To let lies fall out of her mouth

Like a waterfall does with water.

She became

What they thought was a sign

Of readiness

To stop the help.

But the thing

That you forgot

Was that

I'm a girl.

I latch onto words

And memories

To survive today.

I'm just a girl

Who has went through awful stuff.

I'm just a girl

Who has to pick herself up.

I'm just a girl

Who has to live today

Dream of tomorrow

And learn from yesterday.

I am just a girl.

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