Dont say I didnt warn you

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"What happened?" Ray exclaims as she walks in my office with the sight of me stitching up my bicep.
"Nothing" I muffle through the belt in between my teeth.
"It doesn't look like nothing" she snaps walking towards me.

"All just apart of the game" i respond taking the belt out my mouth. "I'll live"
"And how long do you think you'll last" She asks.
"Longer than you think" I answer applying ointment on my arm.

"You know what, I'm not even going to bother myself" She aggravates throwing her hands in the air.
"Good, don't."
"Just don't say I didn't warn you" she recites before walking out.
"Oh I won't" I whisper with a grin on my face.


It's Night 6 of the convention and I must say, the past 5 days have been..... humorous.
I guess I find fat people running from guns funny.
So basically, the rules of the convention is that everyone must look better than the day before.

So today, I will be picking a more elegant dress and so will everyone else. And tomorrow's dress will be better than today since tomorrow is the last day.

After getting dressed, I put on some light makeup, light rose and silver eyeshadow, with mascara and lipgloss. For hair, I put my hair up into a bun and let two strands fall over my face. To finish the look off, i put on my laced shoes that stop right above my ankle, and my usual garter with weapons.

"Are you done bighead?" I yell knocking on Rays door.
"Shut up and yes" she says. As I make my way down the stairs, I hear a knocking at the door.
And surprise surprise, it's Dominic and Travis standing there.

"What do you want?" I ask with one hand on my hip.
"I came for my date" Domi says.
"And I came for mine" Travis includes as he eye rapes me. "Lookin Good babe" he adds with a wink.
"She should be coming down any moment" I reply to Domi as I let the two boys in.

"I've got to say I'm a bit surprised.." I admit.
"Why?" Domi asks.
"Because, I though you'd be a player, and if you are, I won't hesitate to kill you" I smiled.
"Thats Travis and Cole, not me" Domi says with hesitation in his voice
"Good to know" I answer feeling my stomach turn a bit when he said Cole's name.

"Where is your little friend?" I ask referring to Cole
"In the car making out with Brit" Travis answers.
"Shouldn't have asked" I comment shaking my head.
We all hear what sounded like heels coming down the stairs and immediately turned out attention to Ray Who is undoubtably looking good.

"Damn" Domi mumbles

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"Damn" Domi mumbles.
"Looking Good Miami" I compliment looking down at Her as she gets to the bottom of the steps with Domi's assistance of course.
"Ooh let me get the camera" I yelp like a mom before running to the bathroom.

Domi went up to the door while Travis, Brit and I stayed in the car.
I could feel her planting kisses on my neck, I push her off me glaring at her whiles she gives me a confused expression.
"What are you doing?" I scorn.
"What are you talking about?" She asks.
"You know the rule" I hiss.
I told her Never to touch any part of my neck. Especially with her lips.

"Um. I'm gonna go with Domi" Travis says before walking out awkwardly.
I could see the front door open and I couldn't see Tana, because of the boys, but they end up going in the big house and the door closes after.

"Baby, wanna screw around?" Brit asks.
"No" I reply.
"You know, ever since the beach, you've been acting like you don't want me anymore" she says.
"I've never wanted you, we just fuck that's it." I spit.
"It's because of that slut, Katana right?" She dared to say.

I grip the wheel tight as my jaw clenched.
"Don't talk about her that way" I snap at her.
"See what I'm talking about" She yells.
"I don't know who the fuck You think your talking to, but it's not me" I snap back with a light chuckle after. Getting out the car, I slamming the door behind me before walking towards their door.

I knock, and a few seconds later, Travis opens and I step in. "What's taking so long?" I ask.
"Guys I couldn't find the cam-" Katana walks in and stops mid sentence turning her eyes to me.

"Damn" i mumble. Hopefully no one heard that.
She walked in looking GORGEOUS.
Her dress had a slit that exposed her long leg, with what looked like a garter under.
Her perfectly curly hair was put in a bun. She is perfect.

"Cole" I hear someone say as a hand snaps in my face, taking me out my trance.
"Hmm like what you see?" Tana asks with her hands on those curvy hips.
"Of course" I reply smirking. She returned to me a small smile until domi interrupted the mood.

"Lets go shall we?" He says.
"Yeah" Travis answers.
"Wait. There are 5 of us"
"6" I correct Tana.
"I think we'll have to split up. Some come with me, others go with Cole" she declares.

"Okay, me, Domi, and Ray will ride with Tana. While you go with your date" Travis declares with a smirk on his face. I won't lie, I wanted to be with her. I was actually going to tell Travis to drive while I sit with her.

I won't lie, Cole was looking good with his grey suit on, but I was looking better of course. And he knew I was looking better because he couldn't keep his eyes off me.

We took my rose gold Ferrari to the location, I had to use gps since the location changes ever day to avoid being caught by the cops.
The car ride was really fun, we were all jamming to music, because you know I'm the plug when it comes to the aux cord.

Cole and Brit followed behind us and when we pulled up to a stop light, they were not having as much fun as we were you can count on that.
Poor child, having to deal with that snake.

"That was a fun ride" Dominic says as we all exit my car. Cole and Brit also get out the car and I could feel her shooting daggers. But that wasn't what I was looking at. Her outfit, it was screaming the word 'SLUT'. "When it comes to car rides, count on her to make it fun" Ray says as I chuckle lightly.
"Let's get in before these geezers say something" I declare.

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